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Cathy Sharon: Natural-Born Beauty Star

“I just love everything about aesthetics, and how to keep your skin healthy without too many chemicals. It’s about keeping it as natural as possible,” says the actress turned to entrepreneur, Cathy Sharon

You have to be quick to keep up with Cathy Sharon, as Prestige discovered when we met up for her cover shoot at the Promemoria showroom at Pacific Place. “These days I’m really busy with my business and my entrepreneurship,” she explains. “I‘ve been working in the entertainment industry as well. I have my own parenting show, and now I’m shifting to more mature programmes. Still being a mom, still being Cathy!”

The ever-friendly mom-of-two is thrilled about her new venture, which kicks off later this year. “Mom Squad is my new show on NET TV,” she tells us. “It’s a new kind of parenting show. It’s actually a mixture of talk, funny sketches for parents to understand different sorts of situations with your kids and how to deal with them. We have a cooking segment, a fashion segment. It’s mainly everything to do with parenting, but more of the millennial parenting – for young parents.”

As her new show launches this year, Cathy has also been busy with her entrepreneurship. In July last year, she launched a lipstick line in collaboration with Beauty Box called Urban Lips x Cathy Sharon. The line consists of eight shades; six matte and two metallic. It’s available at Beauty Box stores at Jakarta malls like Kota Kasablanka and Central Park, as well as online at

“Sometimes, I wake up and I tell myself: ‘Oh my God, I have so many things to do. How am I gonna survive the day!’”, says Cathy. But in the end, it all works out. Everything is kind of inter-related. The parenting show is the entertainment part of my job, it can promote my business as well. These are the things I love and that I’m passionate about. So, it works out for the best.”

The launch of her lipstick line may be a surprise for some, as not many people know Cathy is a “makeup junkie”. She laughs: “I’ve always been interested in the beauty industry. I collect a lot of makeup, beauty products, sometimes they just sit there on the table for decoration. I look like a beauty hoarder because I keep everything, although I only use a few products daily. I guess it’s like that for all women.


“It all started at a young age. Even when I used to shoot every day for MTV, I would bring my own makeup and I would put it on myself. Even now on my parenting show, I do the same, because I enjoy the whole process of applying skin care and doing my own makeup. And it’s also because, as an individual, you know yourself better than the makeup artist does.

“As a woman, you know what you need to highlight, what you need to bring out and what you need to hide. Of course, you don’t know it straight away. It could took years to understand your own face. Sometimes, new trends don’t work for you. But some will stand out and make you look really beautiful. So it’s really about experimenting and knowing what looks good on you. For me, the exception is when I do a photo shoot. This is when you need a professional makeup artist who knows his or her stuff. I only know the everyday makeup that works for me.”

How did Cathy’s collaboration with Beauty Box come about? “I’d been looking for opportunities to get into the beauty industry. Every time I met someone in the business, I would ask questions. When I met Sita Krings Noor (the Director of Beauty Box Indonesia), I asked her a lot questions, and she was really enthusiastic about starting a collaboration. She asked her partner (Ina Balasong) and she was very open to the idea, too, and so it began there. The whole process took a year, but we enjoyed it because they wanted me to be involved in every aspect of the project. At the beginning, they said: ‘This is what we need you to do’, and they gave me a whole list of things and I was surprised how many points there were to consider. I know it’s not easy and I need to learn, and I’m happy to do so. It’s a learning process for me and I really enjoy it.


“Sita and Ina are seniors in the industry, so I’ve really enjoyed learning from them. And I was really excited to have a new ‘baby’. I really enjoyed the creative process of it – having to implement ideas I had in my head and sharing them. I chose the formula and I tried it on, and I gave them my feedback about whether I liked it or not. Maybe we should change some ingredients in order to be more comfortable on the lips, or maybe have a slightly thinner consistency. All of these little tweaks and changes actually took a whole year to complete. But, you know, when you wear something and you know it’s going to be your creation, you want it to be perfect.”

It uses a Mega Mendung pattern, a motif that originated in Cirebon, West Java. “At first, they were quite hesitant about the Indonesian culture vibe I came up with,” says Cathy. “They were questioning the idea, even though they were open to it. We explored around there and finally came up with the Mega Mendung pattern for the packaging. I’m so happy how the lipsticks have turned out, how they look, how they feel. I use them every day now because I’m so happy with the results. I just can’t use anything else!”


The 36-year-old entrepreneur also has a share in a new beauty clinic in Senopati, EMK Beauty Lounge. Originally from the United States, the clinic offers beauty treatments and procedures that specialise in anti-aging. The clinic uses European and American-standard equipment to carry out treatments and procedures, employing a team of professionals who are well-trained and experienced in their field.
“I just love everything about woman and aesthetics,” says Cathy. “It’s not just about having a pretty face. It’s about how to keep your skin healthy, how to keep your pores tight, how to maintain a good, healthy and young look without using too many chemicals and products. It’s about keeping it as natural as possible, about making yourself look good and about aging gracefully. Nowadays, I know, it’s all about fillers and Botox. But we try to keep it as natural and organic as possible.

“We do have procedures at the clinic. The organic way works, but it doesn’t give you a significant change. Whereas sometimes, in some cases, if let’s say the wrinkles are too deep or if the skin is too saggy, then you might need some intervention – a bigger procedure for you to have a drastic change.


“That’s an option, of course, for every woman to consider. We don’t force it, but we do have the option. I have nothing against surgery, and women who do plastic surgery, because for me it’s all about making you feel good. Of course, if you feel good, you feel more positive. So for women, it’s about doing whatever makes you feel good. But you should look for the right information, the right doctor, the right hands, to take care of you.”

The conversation shifts to the development of the Indonesia beauty industry. “I think it has so much potential,” says Cathy. “I’m so happy that the local beauty industry has been taking off. It’s amazing to see so many great new products coming onto the market. When you are abroad, you have so many selections of beauty products it’s like being in beauty heaven. You get to try so many different things. Here, it’s just starting! So, in the past you didn’t really have the option of choosing. But now you do, and that what makes it even more fun. Of course, it’s going to be more challenging for me, but I’m just positive and thrilled about the idea of Indonesia maybe one day having products that are famous internationally.”


Cathy contemplates how her life has been going and talks about her hopes for the future. “Having kids has taught me so much,” she declares. “It has taught me how to be a more selfless human being. I don’t think about myself all the time. It’s not all about me. It’s about me having a heart of servitude, about being able to serve and to give myself to these little people with all my heart. It has taught how to love in a different degree, the highest degree. I have so many dreams. I do dream that I will have my own cosmetic line one day. I want to be successful as an entrepreneur because I’m really enjoying this world I’m in now. And finally, I want to grow old happily.”



Photographed by Denny Tjan / Styled by Peter Zewet / Make-Up by Engelina Inez Wibowo / Hair by Ujang Tumin / Stylist Assistant Lintang Hutami / Shot on Location Promemoria by Moie / Lipstick by Cathy Sharon x Urban Lips



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