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37th-Anniversary of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia

Yayasan Jantung Indonesia that had its 37th-Anniversary on November 9, just celebrated it at the La Moda cafe in Plaza Indonesia today

For 37 years, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia commemorates its anniversary in a ceremonial event at La Moda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia on a Monday afternoon. The event was filled with loyal supporters of the foundation who has already helped more than 2.741 children who had their heart diseases to be successfully operated. Prestige Indonesia is proud to be one of the supporters of the Yayasan Jantung Indonesia.

This year, the foundation has elected nine new people as its executive board, led by Esti Nurjadin, as the Chairman of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia. The new executive board members are Mela Sabina as Head of Communication, dr. Ario Soeryo Kuncoro as Head of Curative Program, Sidi Hersanto as Head of Preventive Program Yayasan Jantung Indonesia, Sumiati Gani as Vice Treasurer, Shahla Rahardjo as Treasurer, Novi Ariowibowo as Vice Secretary-General, and Widi Wardhana as Secretary General. The new board will last from 2018-2023.

The new executive board of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia: Mela Sabina, Shahla Rahardjo, dr. Ario Soeryo Kuncoro, Widi Wardhana, Sumiati Gani, Sita Satar, and Esti Nurjadin

At the event, Nurjadin also announced actress and singer Mikha Tambayong as the foundation’s new ambassador to reach more millennial’s attention to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and stay away from smoking and stress. Looking at this year’s sporting events, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia has supported the Asian Games 2018 and Asian Para Games 2018 in providing a free health check service for the media who are on duty during both events. Yayasan Jantung Indonesia is the only foundation that participated in the biggest sporting event held in Jakarta.

With Tambayong’s on board, the foundation has also selected five of Millennial Squad that will be the face of Yayasan Jantung Indonesia in promoting its reinvigorated mission and reach more younger generations to achieve its goals in free from heart diseases by 2030. They are Ivan Muliadi, Alma Sardadi, Shella Hardianto, Athina Papadimitriou, and Vannya Istarinda.

To gain more attention from the millennial generation and encouraging a healthier lifestyle by actively involved in sports, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia held an International Photography Awards with a theme: “Capturing Sporting Moment with Your Heart”, sponsored by GoldsGym from July 2018 that also has a slogan “Health is Cool”. Through this event, Yayasan Jantung Indonesia announced four winners: Muhana Syafiquddary from Bantul, Yogyakarta as Best of the Best winner, Muhammad Iqbal from Malang, Jawa Timur as the 3rd place-winner of Mobile Camera Category, Adri Budiman from Jakarta as the 2nd place-winner, and Yogi Rahma Syukri from Tanah Abang, Jakarta as the 1st place-winner.

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem was given a token of appreciation from Yayasan Jantung Indonesia as a loyal supporter of the foundation. See more images from the event in the gallery!

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Prestige Indonesia received a token of appreciation from Yayasan Jantung Indonesia

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