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Pierre Hardy’s New Collection for Hermès

Hermès explores the notions of time through a new jewellery collection by Pierre Hardy.

The word “bijoux” translates into a small, yet exquisite trinket. Its sister “joaillerie” refers to treasured pieces with precious metals. It is interesting that Hermès goes with “bijoux” to describe its latest baubles collection. Then again, subtlety is in the brand’s core. The collection is designed by Pierre Hardy, who has headed the accessories department at the maison for 15 years.

Continuum, the fourth haute bijouterie collection from Hermès, plays with the notions of time. Specifically, three facets of time.

Hermes Continuum

Ombres et Lumière

(pictured in the main image)

Meaning shade and light, the series evokes fluid time that ticks endlessly like the grains of sand that flow through an hourglass. The shaded colours of the pearls is a reminiscent of an elusive passage from shade to light, from day to night.

Hardy, imagines a structure of rose gold and diamonds that perfectly espouse the pearls creating a true alchemy of materials. The necklace is comprised of 212 grey and white pearls, from Tahiti, the Akoya Sea and the Southern Seas that measures between three and 15.5 mm in diameter.

Hermes Continuum

Attelage Céleste

The Celestial Carriage series draws its inspiration from the very graphic form of the sundial which measures passing time, an imaginary time of 11, 13 or 25 sequences. 

In illustrating Solar time, Hardy chose to use yellow gold, pink opal as well as imperial topazes and Umba sapphires, with warm and bright colours, which reminds one to the spectrum of the colours of the sun.

Hermes Continuum

Feux du Ciel

Inspired by the colours of dawn, the series represents time that is elusive and eternal. For this set, Hardy chooses four types of gemstones (iolites, garnets, tourmalines and topaz) in subtle variations of colour. To achieve the designer’s vision of invisible metal in each piece, the craftsmen has done a remarkable work of re-cutting of the gemstones.

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