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Digital Artists Rethink Cartier

Andrew Westermann, Molly Catherine Scannell, Curtis Kulig and Judith Supine reimagine Cartier’s Juste un Clou bracelet

Cartier’s Juste un Clou has always been known for celebrating the spirit of rebellion. It is only apt, then, that the jeweller collaborates with digital artists with free spirit, to reimagine the nail-shaped bracelet. Hailing from different parts of the world, the collaboration has resulted in images that are “idiosyncratic, visually powerful, romantic and unexpected.”

Judith Supine (@judithsupine)

The Brooklyn born-and-based artist has been creating visuals all of his life, as a way to communicate with others amid his speech delay. In fact, he only began speaking when he was 17. The artist, who is known for turning cheap materials into artworks, interprets Juste un Clou as “power”.

“I would walk across the Williamsburg Bridge every morning. I started fantasizing about installing a Juste un Clou sculpture at the top of one of the towers. I wanted to created magical little worlds,” the artist says.

Curtis Kulig (@curtiskuligstudio)

Kulig is a New York-based artist, based known for his “Love Me” public plea, which has in time turned into an icon. His studio practice consists of paintings and drawings often done in series that explore his emotional vulnerabilities.

“Cartier’s Juste un Clou was designed in the 70s in New York. It was an impulsive and wild era, a time when something ordinary could become extravagant – just ask anyone who was at Warhol’s Factory or Studio 54. So I wanted to choose words reflective of that time but that still resonated today and put this very emotional jewelry piece at the center of it, replacing each O. The letter O is so round and inclusive; it just lent itself perfectly to the thought. For me, it is more than the words. It’s the motion of the script, the sweeping nature of it that I like,” Kulig says.

Molly Catherine Scannell

Molly embraces process in creating art. In her world, passion and desire are minimal requirements for a project. The artist reimagines Cartier’s Juste un Clou with her signature collage style.

“As with familiar strangers, removing the “identity” in art brings an opportunity to tell astory on a larger scale or on a totally different level,” says the artist.

Andrew Westermann (@andrew_westermann)

The Cologne-based artist is also a former international model. Throughout his time in fashion, he learned a great deal about art and beauty. His art draws on his dual background, and is infused with his romantic view of life.

“The challenge and the excitement in the collaboration come from mixing these ideals with mine. Not comparing but complementing each other. Complementing the beautiful object with an elegant stroke and the color gold. Adding the dark and mysterious red that stands for Cartier and adding my signature skeletons,” Westermann says about the project.

All artworks are published on Cartier’s Instagram page.

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