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Bulgari Divas’ Dream

Inspired by the feminine elegance and the captivating beauty of Rome, Bulgari sculpts the iconic Divas’ Dream motif into an extraordinary collection.

Celebrating the beauty of gemstones, crafted to perfection with quintessential Bulgari design, the Divas’ Dream jewels feature new styles, shades and preciousness as the woman of today wants to express her nonchalant elegance on every occasion.

With fresh and multifaceted creations, revealing the breezy spirit of the collection, this year Bulgari makes every woman feel like a Diva. From graceful and refined, to charismatic and edgy, to glamorous and vampish, the contemporary woman wants to be unapologetic and carefree in her self-expression.

Paying homage to these women with an unmistakable Roman spirit, Bulgari creates a collection that is the epitome of Italian elegance. With innate and natural sophistication, a passion for vivid hues, a love for pure yet bold shapes and a ceaseless attention to details, the Divas’ Dream jewels have the allure of a distinctive style representing the very essence of Italian beauty.

In the age of Cinecittà and the Dolce Vita, all the spotlights of the world shone on the divas, those magnificent, unreachable women surrounded by a magical aura, whose lives seemed imaginary as those of a fable or a film. And if once all women admired these divas, imitating their style and wishing to live their lives, today Bulgari draws its inspiration from their fascinating allure, to fulfill the dreams of the divas of modern times.

With the new Divas’ Dream collection, Bulgari celebrates the divas of nowadays, women who do not fear to be themselves and who love to unveil all the shades of their multifaceted lives to the world. The new creations are born to enhance the lifestyle and the nonchalant sophistication of women that define with distinctive preciousness their one of a kind style, wearing their favourite jewels from morning until night.

In a life rich in everyday adventures, the Divas’ Dream jewel becomes a sophisticated undeniable talisman to pursue one’s own dreams with strong will and self-determination. With a cool and fresh style, wearable and magnificent in its pure elegance, the collection encourages women to live the dream of being themselves and to communicate it to the world, always.

Like women, no gemstone is quite like another. As the master of colour, Bulgari celebrates the magic of gemstones with a rich new colour palette to evoke all the facets of women’s personality. The shape, the angles and the shades reveal its one-of-a-kind character.

Women are never the same and for Bulgari they should all feel like Divas, with their virtues, their dreams and their inimitable style.

The eternal sparkle of diamonds, the purity of aquamarine, the joyful aura of pink tourmaline, the sensuality of rubelite, the balance of amethyst, the power of self expression of lapis, the warmth of carnelian, each gemstone’s character reflects a feminine attitude or mood.

This sponsored article is brought to you by Bulgari.

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