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Kotur’s Age of Decadence

The New York accessories brand celebrates 1960’s glamour with a newly launched video campaign.

Glamour and decadence of the 60s inspire Kotur in its spring 2017 collection, as showcased in a newly released video campaign by the New York accessories brand.

The collection is built upon the lifestyle of the rich and famous residence of Lyford Cay, an exclusive community located on the western tip of New Providence Island, Bahamas. The fine life is best exemplified by possession of Jean Schlumberger’s fish brooch that he famously designed for Tiffany & Co and modelled by turbaned beauty Kouka Denis.

The aforementioned fish now adorns the renowned Kotur clutches, including the Bailey and Espeys, alongside bejewelled crabs and lobsters. The colour ranges from coral to turquoise, and mineral dust, all reflecting the glamour and eccentric lifestyle of a wonderful time.

Kotur was founded by Fiona Kotur, a New Yorker whose life has always been influenced by art and design. Kotur, taken from her maiden name, was born out of love for modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship. Being a mother of four boys, she referred to Kotur bags as her “daughters”.

Watch the video campaign here. In Indonesia, Kotur is exclusively available at Masari.