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8 It Bags of Spring 2017

Prestige picks 8 must-have bags from the spring 2017 collections, modelled by Go-jek’s Vice President, Nadia Tenggara

When Prestige talked to Nadia Tenggara, she had just come back from a weekend work trip to Bangalore, Southern India. “I love the food there, the curry is just amazing. On top of that, the weather is cooling, contrary to how people imagine India to be; hot and humid,” she cheerfully says. Go-Jek, the company Nadia works for, established an Engineering Product Design (EPD) office in Bangalore last year, after announcing acquisition of two Indian engineering startups, C42 Engineering and CodeIgnition.

Nadia is Vice President of Go-Jek and Head of Strategy for Go-Food, now “the biggest food delivery application in Southeast Asia”. The startup itself is the only one in Indonesia to be classified as a “unicorn”, a tech term for startups valued at US$ 1 billion or more. This year, Go-Jek is planning to make its transportation and food delivery services available in 35 cities across Indonesia.

“Right now, our team is developing Go-Food into an all-round service for food, not just an online food delivery service,” Nadia says. “Usually, people find out about a new restaurant or an interesting menu they’d like to try from social media, and then they open Go-Food to order the said food. We thought, why not provide customers with personal recommendations they’d like? We’re developing a feature whereby a customer can connect with their friends in social media and share dishes and restaurants that they enjoy through the app. That way, we hope the customers would engage more with the app.”

Being a pivotal figure in a fast-growing startup, it is understandable that Nadia’s days are filled with back-to-back meetings that require her to be mobile. “That’s why I like to carry big bags on working days. I need bags that can fit my laptop, among a million other things I have to carry,” Nadia says. “I like my daily bags to be extremely practical and lightweight. They also have to be versatile enough to be carried from day to night, because I don’t have time to change bags in between places I have to go to.” Among her trustworthy daily bags are Fendi Peekaboo and Givenchy Pandora.

When she is not working, Nadia loves to carry a smaller bag. But practicality is still key for her, who says that her off-duty bags typically have shoulder slings to ensure comfort and mobility. Two of her favourite off-duty bags are Chanel Boy and Celine Box. “I love classic bags, and those that have a bit of a masculine character that make them look strong as well as timeless,” she says.

Those small yet practical bags fit her off-duty days as an avid traveller. Nadia loves exploring new places, and even makes detailed itineraries for her dream trips when she is not traveling. “I think you can call me an ‘OCD’ traveller,” she laughs. “This year, I’ve made myself itineraries for Argentina and Chile, although I’m yet to schedule any of those trips. I just like the idea of having all the places I dream to go to in a dedicated notebook.”

On weekends, Nadia winds down with beautiful flowers. She likes arranging flowers, especially Japanese blooms. Picking flowers from a florist she frequents and spending hours arranging them is “some kind of a personal therapy” for Nadia, an antidote to her over-connected life as a startup evangelist. Another of her way to slow down and reconnect with her surroundings is through film photography. “It’s a hobby, but I’m not a professional in any way,” she says.

In light of modelling the season’s it bags for Prestige, Nadia recalls her first luxury bag purchase, which was a limited edition Chanel classic handbag. Back then, she was still a civil environment and engineering student at University of Virginia at Charlottesville, VA. She had some saving from her three-month internship salary, on top of the sum she made as a teaching assistant at the university.

“I was in (Washington) DC after finishing my internship, and I went into a Chanel boutique where they had a five-piece limited edition. It was a rare bag, and it was just perfect, because it was feminine and masculine at the same time. I instantly fell in love with it,” she gushes.

Until today, the beloved Chanel classic, made of lambskin and covered in all-black hardware, is still one of Nadia’s all-time favourite bags, a fashion treasure she guards well.


Photography: Robby Agus

Styling: Gabriela Batti

Makeup: Ryan Ogilvy

Hair: Zearistan