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5 It Girls Model Louis Vuitton Twist Bag

Kelly Tandiono, Nina Kozok, Maria Ruth Fernanda, Vannya Istarinda and Millane Fernandez put their bold personalities into the Twist bag

How to photograph Louis Vuitton’s extraordinary Twist bag for our latest “Art Issue”? We asked Christiana Gouw, the founder of CG Artspace Gallery at Plaza Indonesia, to lend us her spectacular dream home, Rumah Miring, in Pondok Indah for a day. Designed by Budi Pradono, the building is a work of art in itself. It’s tilted and transparent, set at a dramatic 70-degree angle, and it even has a tree growing inside it. The audacious property has become a noted venue for small art exhibitions and concerts – and now, fashion photo shoots.

Our five fabulous models – Kelly Tandiono, Nina Kozok, Maria Ruth Fernanda, Vannya Istarinda and Millane Fernandez – are all good friends of Louis Vuitton. Here’s what they had to say about their day with Prestige at “the leaning house of Jakarta”.

Millane Fernandez

Millane wears Twist Epi PM Blueberry, Oversize pull over in wool and lurex knit and bachette wool trousers with wide legs

“I have to say that this was my first visit to Rumah Miring and I was impressed. I really love the house,” smiles the singer. “I love art because I grew up in an artistic family. My mom is a painter. So that was a very refreshing shoot for me. My personal style is very edgy. I really like unique things.

The Twist suits me because I think it’s very one-of-a-kind. It has the vibrant colours I adore. I love that it’s just like an art piece. It’s not only a bag, it’s really an art piece as well.”

Vannya Istarinda

Vannya wears Twist PM Epi Braided Studs Rouge, Silk Cady dress with leather straps

“As an architecture graduate, it felt nostalgic to be back at Rumah Miring and to see it now all furnished,” says this executive at Lemonilo, a healthy food e-commerce venture. “An example of Budi Pradono’s exceptional design aesthetic, it’s like being in a mini Fondation Louis Vuitton – a teleportation to Paris.

The Twist bag is adaptable to many styles, but I could definitely say it could seal most of my outfits together perfectly, especially with the sleek new logo that makes a perfect statement.”

Nina Kozok

Nina wears Twist MM Epi Mechanical Flowers Noir, Fluid crepe wrap top and bright stretch cotton pants

“As fashion is a form of art, Rumah Miring was a great location for the shoot,” declares the actress. “I enjoy being surrounded by art and the inspiration it brings. Art crosses the barriers of language and culture as a form of self-expression. The Twist bag reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s signature turn lock bag. It manages to combine aesthetics with functionality.

It comes in so many colors and motifs, which makes it an ideal choice for any outfit. Its simplicity allows me to wear it on any occasion and in all seasons.”

Maria Ruth Fernanda

Maria wears Twist PM Epi Night Light, Sleeveless top and skirt in velvet-effect lace

“For me, fashion is based on artistic things we are surrounded by,” says the fashion designer. “I derive my creative inspiration from architecture, landscape, sculpture and the beautiful things around me, so I really enjoyed shooting at Rumah Miring. It is a super beautiful house that is filled with glass and art pieces. It also has a lot plants, so it has a natural and refreshing ambiance. I think the Twist bag really suits me because it can be used for every occasion and with every style. Moreover, it’s roomier than its looks, this small bag.”

Kelly Tandiono

Kelly wears Twist MM Epi Hot Pink, Authentique monogram
jacquard tweed jacket and skirt

“I believe fashion is art,” declares the multi-talented fashion designer, model, TV personality and actress. “It’s art that we wear, and I guess it brings out something from inside of you. That’s why with fashion, it brings out your character and I believe that that’s art, in its own way.

The Twist resonates with my personal style because it’s so versatile. Even when I’m just in jeans and a singlet, I could still look very stylish with the bag.”


Photography: Sury Thoeng

Styling: Gabriela Batti

Makeup: Ryan Ogilvy & Zearistan

Hair: Roni Ronces

Asst. Styling: Koko Namara

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