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Stella McCartney, Alicia Keys Team Up for Breast Cancer

British designer Stella McCartney taps singer, songwriter Alicia Keys to be the face of her new Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

British designer Stella McCartney taps singer, songwriter Alicia Keys to be the face of the latest edition of her brand’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

The campaign seeks to highlight a specific group of African African women, whose breast cancer mortality rate is 42 percent higher than Caucasian women. The “hard-hitting fact”, as McCartney describes it, is one of the reasons that compelled the designer to reach out to Keys.

“The higher mortality rate is mainly because they don’t get an opportunity to get an early diagnosis or the right kind of treatment,” says McCartney. “This really compelled me to reach out to Alicia. I asked her if she would like to reach out and speak to this community and be the face of the campaign.

In the effort to raise awareness about the disease, McCartney has designed the Ophelia Whistling Bra and underwear set in Poppy Pink for the campaign. This year, the campaign’s proceeds will go to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Breast Examination Center of Harlem, which “has screened more than 200,000 women for breast cancer and offers free, high-quality care to the local community,” as noted by WWD.

Sales of the Ophelia Whistling set will also go to the Linda McCartney Center in Liverpool to support early detection programs and treatments.

The cause, in particular, bears a personal significance for Keys and McCartney as both of their mothers went through the same battle. McCartney’s mother passed away from the disease in 1998, while Keys’ mother is a survivor.  “I really wanted to show my support for Stella’s campaign.” says Keys. “This is really important to me, because I grew up in Harlem and obviously New York is my town, and my mother is also a breast cancer survivor, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to share that story; so this is important to me.”

The limited-edition lingerie set will be available starting from October 1 at Stella McCartney stores and online, at prices ranging from USD 90 for the bikini to USD 160 for the soft cup.


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