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New: Project X by Time International

Time International opens a multibrand concept store in Plaza Indonesia, catering men’s and unisex fashion.

With concept boutiques popping up around the city, it is about time there is one dedicated to men’s fashion. Time International jumps in and opens Project X, a multi-brand store selling men’s and unisex fashion, at Plaza Indonesia. The sleek store currently houses 22 streetwear brands, mostly from Japan and South Korea. Soon, Project X will open its door at Pondok Indah Mall 2.

“We look around and see what people like to do – people like to shop and discover edgy pieces, and they like to hang out. It is a lifestyle. We see an opportunity here, thus as a brand builder we carefully curate the products and present them in a contemporary concept. In this market, we want to continue being edgy, modern, and yet remain loyal to our heritage,” says Irwan Danny Mussry, President Director & CEO of Time International.

Targeting urbanites, Project X offers bags, apparel, shoes and accessories including sunglasses and watches. Some featured brands include Buddy Happy (Japan), Mascolanza (South Korea), Andersson Bell (South Korea), Thread Etiquette (USA), PKG (Canada) and Supercomma B (South Korea).

Uniquely, the store also houses Sweet Monster, a quirky stall serving popcorn soft serve ice cream. The F&B brand has already gained popularity in its home country South Korea.

Project X Plaza Indonesia
Plaza Indonesia Unit L2, #E022
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350
Tel: 021 – 2992 2572