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Gucci Launches Art Project “Gucci 4 Rooms”

Gucci collaborates with Japanese artists Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe and Mr. and grafitti artist Trouble Andrew to create innovative spaces. 

Gucci made headlines when it spray-painted its Fifth Avenue boutique with grafitti by street artist Trouble Andrew (nicknamed GucciGhost). The eye-popping store facade became one of the most Instagram-med objects during the fashion week. Previously, the street artist was comissioned to add his touch to Gucci’s fall 2016 collection, including the it shopper bag with “REAL” letters tattooed on it.

Today, Gucci unveils Gucci 4 Rooms, a collaborative art project with Trouble Andrew and Japanese artists Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe and Mr. Each of them works on a thematic space in line with Alesandro Michele (Gucci Creative Director)’s vision. Such unconventional collaboration, one that juxtaposes fashion and art in the digital and real-life dimension, marks a new chapter at Gucci.

Gucci 4 Rooms

Herbarium Room by Chiharu Shiota 

Shiota creates Gucci Herbarium Room using the house pattern of that name as inspiration, while Manabe realises Gucci Words Room that uses Michele’s lexicons. Mr. makes Gucci Garden Room, featuring animals and plants from Gucci’s pool of garden imagery. Andrew works around a “secret art installation”, themed around GucciGhost.

Gucci 4 Rooms

Gucci Words Room by Daito Manabe 

Gucci 4 Rooms

Gucci Garden Room by Mr.

Each room houses items from Gucci fall 2016 collection, jewellery from the cruise 2017 collection and limited edition pieces. The rooms are available to be experienced via Visitors can explore the rooms and interact with them as in a computer game. The installation by Trouble Andrew is accessible only to those who manage to find specific elements hiding in the other three rooms, which unlock this secret space. 

Starting from today until October 27, the rooms created by the Japanese artists are open for public at Gucci Ginza. Meanwhile, Andrew’s comissioned artwork can be enjoyed in the Elephant Room at Dover Street Market Ginza.