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4 finest personalised presents for Christmas 2017

Getting personal is painless this Christmas with our list of preferred personalised presents for the season of giving.

Personalised presents add a super-special touch and will surprise even the fussiest friend or family member on your Christmas gift list. With bespoke offerings, from luxury accessories to bottles of booze, these are the finest festive customisation options we could find.

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Badges Bag

This jolly season, Longchamp takes its iconic Le Pliage crossbody bag to a whole new level of customisation. Perfect for your frills-loving fashionista friend, you can choose up to three limited-edition badges that best represent the gift-recipient to be clipped to the Le Pliage Badges bag, which further comes in four colour combinations. These badges may be removed or moved around, depending on the carrier’s mood.

2. Tiffany & Co. Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles

Probably the most practical item in the luxury retailer’s highly talked-about ‘The Everyday Objects’ collection, the set of leather and reclaimed American walnut table tennis rackets comes with sterling silver engravable plaques. For the sports enthusiast in your family, the pair of paddles not only comes with three ping pong balls but may also be marked with up to three letters. Decide between getting machine-cut lettering or hand engravings.

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3. Belvedere Silver Saber Bespoke

Bespoke bottles of booze are the bomb of personalised presents and will be an impeccable addition to any celebration. Revel this Christmas with Belvedere Vodka’s vivid silver bottle, made better with your personal message, special date or name laser-cut unto its metallic surface. And after everyone has finished admiring the bottle, they can all cheer to super premium vodka, which represents the pinnacle of Polish Vodka making tradition.

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4. Burberry Rucksack

A Burberry backpack would make a brilliant gift but for the ultimate thoughtful touch, you can personalise the piece with your loved one’s initials. The monogrammed letters, up to three per item, was sourced from an 18th-century British embroidery specialist and letters are handmade using a traditional gold work technique.

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