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Why the Pyjama Trend is Here to Stay

Francesca Ruffini of For Restless Sleepers tells us about her love affair with this relaxed mode of dressing.

A few years ago, the thought of stepping out of the house in nothing but a pair of designer shoes and a two-piece printed pyjama set would have earned a few gasps, several stares and endless fashion-police comments, but in recent times this has all changed – drastically. Nowadays, it’s no big deal. Celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and Salma Hayek (notice the age range) have all been photographed out and about, from the red carpet to airport arrivals, wearing their own unique versions of the loose-fitting PJ. It’s the same with fashion heavyweights, for example, Sarah Rutson and Pernille Teisbæk (the list goes on).

One person we do have to credit for making it perfectly acceptable to wear nightwear during the day – and in public – is Francesca Ruffini, the founder and designer of Italian label For Restless Sleepers (F.R.S). Why? Because most of the elegant tops, bottoms and dresses from her luxurious brand (launched in 2015) are, in fact, inspired by humble jim jams. Every piece is made in Italy and designed to be worn outside of the bedroom, almost as an homage to #iwokeuplikethis.

The rich colours and exotic prints featured on F.R.S creations are the epitome of chic. In the last few seasons, the brand has grown to be a permanent wardrobe fixture in fashion and celebrity circles, either worn as separates or as a set. If you’re still unsure and need a little guidance on how to wear the pieces, then we suggest you take a leaf out of the label’s impeccably styled autumn/winter lookbook, shot at one of Ruffini’s enchanting Italian homes. This season, the looks are paired with smoking slippers, vintage-style jewellery and a low-maintenance updo. Yep, it’s as easy and effortless as that.

During our conversation, Ruffini tells us that her latest collection references Russian literary works from the 19th century, so expect dark velvet, jewel tones and, in true F.R.S style, tons of elaborate motifs and embroidery.

For Restless Sleepers
Francesca Ruffini. Credit: Silvia Tenenti.

Were you always into the pyjama look?

Yes, I’ve always loved the pyjama look. Since I was a child, after school, the first thing I would do is put my pyjamas on. Five seasons ago, I realised that pyjamas are the perfect product for someone like me who loves to stay comfortable and not have to compromise elegance.

Let’s discuss the price point for F.R.S.

Everything is made in Italy and all the fabrics are made in Como. So the products are costly. I don’t want to compromise with quality, so I’m expensive, but not so expensive compared to others.

Talk us through the moment you decided to start your label.

One day, I asked myself, “Why do I have to stay at home with pyjamas?” It’s so comfortable. So I just started to wear them outside of the house. In the beginning, I made plain coloured pyjamas, not printed, and then a friend of mine, the late Franca Sozzani, encouraged me to launch my label. She said, “A lot of women are like you, who really love pyjamas and don’t want to just sit at home wearing them.” This was a huge encouragement for me, so I took the chance.

How did you come up with the name and concept for For Restless Sleepers?

F.R.S is my initials. My name is Francesca Ruffini Stoppani. Since I’ve been married, I’ve put my initials everywhere. On my night suits, bags, suitcases, everywhere. I didn’t want to use my name because I’m Remo’s [Ruffini, CEO of Moncler] wife and I didn’t want to relate it to my husband and Moncler, because that’s another world completely. I wanted to have my own story with the letters F.R.S, so I tried to make a label with products that I could associate the name with. So that’s why I called it For Restless Sleepers.

Where do you get your inspirations?

I travel a lot and during my travels, I always get a lot of inspiration. There are a lot of nice places with colourful landscapes. I also have my own collection of books. I’ve collected more than 3,000, so I have a lot of inspiration. Some of the fabric makers in Como have some archives and you can get a lot of inspiration from just looking at them.

F.R.S is all about luxury. Describe your ideal customer.

My dream customer is a sophisticated woman. What’s important is that she must earn her style identity. She must be able to be herself in any brand or in any trend and not be a fashion victim. Someone that can wear clothes at any age and still look timeless.

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