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7 French Chic Styles with Petit Bateau

Seven magnificent moms brought their children along to a seasonal Style shoot with Petit Bateau and Prestige.

Seven magnificent moms brought their children along to a seasonal Style shoot with Prestige. Together they tried out the winter winners from Petit Bateau, the French brand that has been famous for its high-quality cotton outfits since 1893.

Andra Alodita

“When it comes to children’s clothing, comfort should always come first,” says 31-year-old lifestyle blogger Andra, who brought her 2-year-old daughter Aura Suri Maitreya to the shoot. “This is why I love Petit Bateau. Their commitment to high-quality materials and children’s safety won me over. Though simple, their designs are very comfortable for newborns and toddlers to adults like me.” Andra, who is married to singer Abenk Alter, opts for floral dresses and sneakers as go-to outfits for her daughter: “It’s because she loves wearing dresses. But on daily basis, she prefers comfortable t-shirts and leggings.” Andra, who loves going on coffee dates with her daughter, hopes Aura will grow up to become a creative person. “I hope that she’d be able to channel her creativity and knowledge for a good and positive cause.”

Yasmine Wildblood

Yasmine and her adorable daughter Seraphina Rose Soerjosoemarno make one beautiful team. At the shoot, the 25-year-old mother and actress can’t help but notice the vibrant-coloured clothes of Petit Bateau: “Aside from their quality, their designs are timeless. I love the fun colours they use for their clothes. They have a vast collection suitable for all ages as well.” For everyday use, the London-born mom puts Sera in girly dresses, with a cute hair clip to match. “The fabric and quality have to be good, comfortable for her skin. I also pay attention to the designs. For me, they have to be stylish and enduring.” Aside from being healthy, Yasmine hopes that Sera will always dream big and reach for the stars. “I hope that she’ll always stay true to herself.”

Angel Susinto

“Cute hats and jumpers!” smiles Angel when asked about her go-to clothing items for 3-month-old baby boy Rigel Sudirgo. “I love dressing him in one-piece rompers as well.” Angel, who married Paulus Susanto Sudirgo in 2016, picks Petit Bateau as one of the best brands for children. “I love their style, it’s very French chic. I like how their clothes are casual, yet easy to dress up or down. The colours are also not tacky.” When it comes to quality, Angel prioritises comfort: “Babies need to feel comfortable in whatever they wear, so I pay a lot of attention to the finishing and stitching inside the clothes.” The 29-year-old mom hopes her son will grow to be a chivalrous man. “I hope he can be a respectable and successful gentleman in whatever he does.”

Renny Sutiyoso

Renny is the proud mom of 4-year-old Kianna Anindira Danindrio. Speaking about Petit Bateau, Renny is impressed by the softness of its materials: “I prefer cotton-based fabric that does not easily stretch. The material should be soft as well. The company has these qualities in spades.” The founder of Organic Monster, an organic juice brand, likes to dress up Kia in comfortable and girly clothes with a cardigan and backpack as her favourite accessories. “Kia had her first spa experience recently. I can see that it would be our ritual in the future. We also love cooking in our spare time,” she tells us. Asked about her dreams for Kia, the 37-year-old entrepreneur smiles: “I want her to be a world-class tennis player!”

Tyna Kanna Mirdad

Tyna brought her two beautiful daughters to the shoot. Alaia Lavmintikana Mirdad, 7, and Aluna Laila Mirdad, 4, looked lovely in their Petit Bateau get-ups. “I love almost everything about the brand,” says Tyna. “Their clothes are always very colourful and the quality of the fabrics is of high standard. These two things are what I look for in children’s clothing.” Tyna, the sister-in-law of actresses Nana and NaysilaMirdad, picks headbands as her go-to fashion item for her daughters. The 27-year-old beauty blogger, who loves spending time with Alaia and Aluna at the park, keeps her hopes and dreams simple: “I hope they will always be happy at whatever they choose in life.”

Ilma Rineta

Ilma is a happy mother of four. The founder of Circle of Moms Indonesia brought 5-year-old Naira, 3-year-old Renzo, 2-year-old Emir and 1-year-old Hugo to the shoot. “Their identity is so strong,” says the 27-year-old entrepreneur of Petit Bateau. “What sets them apart is their classic yet comfortable take on children’s clothing.” For her children’s go-to sartorial choices, she opts for sweaters and coats. “For everyday use, I want them to feel as comfortable as they can. So I always prefer casual t-shirts and trousers on them. I always let them choose their own clothes, provided they have appropriate graphics.” Spending precious time with her children is this mum’s definition of fun. “I will never limit their dreams or hinder their talents,” she says. “My guidance is needed of course, but I’ll always give them my full support.”

Atiqah Hasiholan

“I hope my daughter will be someone who will bring joy and happiness to many people, just like her name Salma, which means Peace,” says the actress who starred in the Academy Award-submitted film Jamiladan Sang Presiden (Jamila and the President) in 2009. Now the proud mother of 5-month-old Salma JihanePutriDewanto, Atiqah looks forward to singing and dancing and swimming with her daughter as she grows up.  “I want my children’s clothes to be fun, casual and comfortable,” says Atiqah, who has also appeared in Arisan! 2 (2011) and Java Heat (2013). “But they must also have elegance, simplicity and quality – even her baby rompers!”

Check out their behind-the-scenes footage:


Photography Robin Alfian

Styling Coco Namara

Interviews Cindy Julia Tobing

Hair Anneke Anggarwati & Chassey Julian

Make Up by Atika Sakura


For Atiqah Hasiholan

Photography Robin Alfian

Styling Coco Namara

Interviews Cindy Julia Tobing

Hair Anneke Anggarwati & Chassey Julian

Make Up by Barry Ritonga

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