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Art Is Wearable?

Different choice of collections indeed. Embrace it!

Biasa collaborated with Flemish artist Jyoti Parenco to create the Wearart collection. On Friday, February 9, the founder and Creative Director of Biasa, Susanna Perini, hosted the launch of Wearart limited collection at Biasa in Kemang. The collection sees original paintings transformed into kaftans, tunics and scarfs. Each painting – acrylic on canvas – has been conceived and realised in the size and shape of the kaftan and printed on very light silk in editions of 50 prints only. Each kaftan is numbered and comes with a signed authenticity certificate. Attended by affluent guests from the fashion and art circles in Jakarta, the event included a curated and interactive presentation of the collection including an art installation, along with a live performance. Prestige was the media partner for this event. “This project underlines my desire to offer an outlook into authenticity of some sort in making items to wear. There is a personal relationship with each piece through the signature and the limited amount produced,” said Susanna.

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