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5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Suit

Pay attention to these rules and you will have no trouble wearing a suit anywhere!

Suits are definitely in—they’ve always been IN! Not only for formal attire, but a nice suit jacket can really polish your whole look for a weekend night out or even a summer holiday (trust me, the Crazy Rich Asians boys are looking great in it). Nevertheless, we live in a tropical country, where one sunny day feels 80 degrees, and the next day a breezy, windy day will require you to wear a jacket. Not to worry, it’s really how you pick the right one for every occasion that you will go to. Here are the 10 things that you need to know when choosing a suit, so you will feel great in it.

Wearing a suit jacket has its own etiquette. The traditional one would be leaving the last button unfastened. So if it’s a jacket with the standard three buttons, you should only button the top two while leaving the third unfastened.⠀

Dior SS18

How to properly wear a suit? The top button of a two-button & the middle button of a three-button suit should fall at or above the navel. And, the tip of your tie should be at/just before the buckle of the belt. ⠀

Do you know a classic rule when you wear a watch with a suit? Never wear a dive watch. It’s too bulky and a tell-tale sign that you don’t know the rules of watch-wearing. Instead, wear your favourite classic-dial watch with exquisite leather strap. Light coloured dial for the day, dark coloured dial for the night.

Arceau Le Temps Suspendu Watch, very-large model, 43mm.

Want a suit versatile enough for either the office or social events? Get a mid-tone blue coloured suit. More tips? The easiest way to choose the matching shirt is to opt for a smart, white shirt or any contrast colour.

Hermes SS

What is the significant difference between a single and double-breasted suit jacket? A double-breasted jacket is more formal than a single-breasted jacket. And with a double-breasted jacket, your shoulder will be more accentuated, thanks to the peak lapels. But currently, a boxy silhouette of a double-breasted jacket has actually become a trend and a new favourite to wear it with your jeans!

Lanvin Fall 2018

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