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Jaguar: What Comes After E?

Faster and sleeker!


Jaguar Indonesia unveiled three modern Jaguar F-Series cars in Senayan City on March 19-25. It also had a futuristic exhibition where they built a 2.3 x 2 x 1.5 meter stage of illusion art, a black box of 3D Art Performance. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that integrated technology with art!

To release the groundbreaking cars, the British multinational car manufacturer picked the theme “What Comes After E?”, a nod to their rich history –especially their iconic Lightweight E-Type car.

The new Jaguar F-Series car models are Jaguar F-Type, F-Pace, and XF. It’s a true Jaguar sports car series that evokes power, agility, and unparalleled performance. Each of the cars accommodates different styles of driving experiences.

Jaguar F-TYPE – The Definitive Jaguar Sports Car

Jaguar F-TYPE

The all-new Jaguar F-TYPE comes in 3.0 litres V-6 supercharged engines and a higher capacity of 5.0 litres V-8 supercharged engines. What makes it ultra-stylish are the newly designed rear lights that are kept slim through elegant LED technology. The Configurable Ambient Lighting feature adds even greater personalisation with a choice of phosphor blue, pale blue, white, coral or red to suit your mood or style. With an elegant sports-luxe style, it is a design that combines both power and grace; a perfect balance of width and beautifully dynamic proportions.

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Jaguar F-PACE – The Ultimate Practical Sports Car

Jaguar F-PACE

If you fantasize about sports car but cannot get let go of the practicality of an SUV, then the F-PACE car is the one for you. It’s immensely efficient! What we love about the F‑PACE is its Lightweight Aluminium Architecture. It is stiff and strong, offering excellent protection, while its reduced weight boosts functionality, enhances handling, and braking. F‑PACE is among the lightest cars in its class.

The tires are also made to detect different surfaces. It allows automatic adjustments with Jaguar’s All Surface Progress Control (ASPC), which is a low speed cruise control that helps you to maintain optimum handling in low traction situations. What’s more is its unique Jaguar Drive Control system that offers quicker shifts and sportier kick down in Dynamic Mode, earlier up-shifts in Eco Mode to improve efficiency, and the Rain Ice Snow Mode that switches to more gentle progress in low grip conditions. It allows you to choose between exploiting F‑PACE’s full dynamic performance and maximising its fuel economy!

It combines the SUV’s performance with the Jaguar DNA of legendary performance, handling, and luxury with practicality and space. It’s great for you and your family.

Jaguar XF – The Most Dynamic Premium Lifestyle Sedan

Jaguar XF

A striking contemporary design built with superb craftsmanship. The Jaguar XF is built upon the Jaguar’s most award-winning car. It is a sedan type that completes everything in your car purchase checklist: design, luxury, safety, efficiency, and adventure. And its wonders never end. If you’re into customisation, you’re in for a treat. You can create an XF to suit your style with high quality cloths and luxurious leathers that come in a wide array of textures and colours. You can even add your own words to the illuminated treadplates. How cool is that!

Upgrade to a Jaguar today! For more information, call Jaguar Indonesia at 0878 7852 8000.

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