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Tom Ford Loves Boys and Girls

Tom Ford expands his Boys lipstick collection, making a total of 100 shades for both genders

Tom Ford is unabashedly sexual, and the designer never shies away from any (business) opportunity to flaunt it. A few years back, he launched Lips and Boys, a collection of lipstick named after the men in his life. This season, the collection is extended to 100 shades for both genders: Boys and Girls.

The campaign is expectedly steamy, with men and women depicting a series of complicated relationships. The images are accompanied by bold text “Lena pushed away Niko for Kyra … Bianca met Emma noticed Zelda …” and the drama continues on.

The lipstick shades for the boys are updated with six new additions: Charles (cinnamon), Warren (brick red), Magnus (matte cherry red), Connor (orangey red), Alain (deep red with shimmer), and Federico (coral red). The 50 new shades for girls, namely Carine, Naomi and Emma, are an ode to the 90s, aptly named after Tom’s beloved supermodels.

The collection offers both creamy pigmented shades, as well as shimmery sheer formulas, a refreshing departure from the current saturated matte liquid lipstick market. See all the shades here. Launched on September 15, the collection is available at selected Sephora.

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