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Smell Like Chanel

Chanel celebrates Gabrielle Chanel perfume with a film starring Kristen Stewart

For the longest time, Chanel no.5 has become an icon of the storied fashion house. The perfume, very dear to Coco Chanel’s heart, was so lucrative, not to mention popular, that it created a hard-won royalty battle on court.

Today, Chanel is renewing its fragrance story with the launch of Gabrielle (an ode to the designer’s first name) Chanel fragrance. Earlier this year, a bag of the same name was launched. The fragrance is developed by Olivier Polge. It depicts liberation and rebellion, both were qualities that distinguished Coco Chanel.

In celebration of the perfume launch, Chanel launches a short film, embodying the spirit of the fragrance. The film stars Chanel ambassador and actress Kristen Stewart. The house notes that the casting is due to “her strong and determined personality. Her career studded with bold artistic choices, and the life she leads with full freedom.”

The film is directed by Ringan Ledwidge, one of the industry’s top commercial directors. He has previously directed for Nike and Audi. The clip shows Stewart freeing herself out of the confines of a cocoon, and into a liberating run. With her newfound strength and speed, she crashes through a wall to a new, promising dimension. Beyoncé’s song Runnin’ makes for an apt movie theme song.

According to Chanel, the film “speaks of a race towards freedom, an endless battle against the diktats that tend to capture and cage women in.”

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