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New: Hermessence Muguet Porcelaine

Hermès launches new fragrance, capturing the essence of lily of the valley.

There’s no competition to Hermès when it comes to subtlety. Thus, it is only apt that its new fragrance is an ode to a subtle bloom – lily of the valley. The fragrance marks the 13th release in the Hermessence collection.

“There’s so much subtlety in lily-of-the-valley that I’ve often dreamed of sublimating it,” Jean-Claude Ellena, the nose behind Muguet Porcelaine, says. “I dived right into its fragrance in order to reproduce the beauty and supply voluptuous quality of this flower which is fragile as porcelain.”

The fragrance is a level above other floral releases because lily of the valley’s essence is notoriously hard to capture. Thus, its reference as a “mute flower”. Ellena himself admits to the challenge in creating this fragrance. “‘I don’t recall ever having challenged a scent in this way. Firstly, in a physical, hedonistic way, because I wanted to snatch the fragrance of these flowers from the dawn sky, together with that of the foliage that envelops them. And then, in a cerebral way, I worked on the coolness of its aura, the delicacy of its opalescence and the ethereal nature of its existence.”

The Hermessence Muguet Porcelaine’s top notes are green notes and pear, with lily of the valley, hedione and neroli in the middle notes and white musk and animal notes at its base. The fragrance is now available at Hermès boutiques.