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Luxury Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Available to be delivered before Christmas day, and all under HK$1,000.

It’s just days before Christmas, you’ve got your gift list – but not a single good idea what to get that special someone. Never fear, our gift guide is here to help you navigate the slings and arrows of holiday shopping. Best of all, if you act quick, you can order any of these gifts – all of which come in at under HK$1,000 – and have them delivered to your doorstep in Hong Kong well before the clock strikes midnight and Santa shuffles down the chimney.

For the music maniac: Jarre Technologies Aerobull Nano wireless speaker

Clocking in at $999, this bulldog-headed speaker system gives you high-def sound via a bluetooth connection. The kind of dog who wears his sunglasses at night, he’s ready to start a rave and party till New Year’s Day.

For your very vain friend: Slip embroidered silk pillowcase

Your friend probably has stockpiles of sheet masks already and uses beauty products that far exceed the budget of any sensible Secret Santa shindig. Save him or her from premature ageing with the embroidered silk pillowcase by Slip, which comes in several colour options from cream to navy to salmon pink. Using a silk pillowcase decreases friction between face and cushion, thereby minimising how much the skin is pulled around from all your sleepy-time smushing. Yeah, maybe you should get one, too.



For the bookworm: No. 22 Bookshelf scented candle

This candle takes its inspiration from the experience of sitting by the fireplace with your favourite Penguin classics. How can you hate that? In any other situation a candle might be considered a generic gift, but for the literary lover in Hong Kong, where nary a fireplace is to be found, this is a winter essential that will surely light up any cozy night with Austen – literally and figuratively.




For the basic Brit: Fortnum & Mason Classic Taste Hamper

Hampers aren’t always popular, and particularly not when they’re filled with divisive foods like Christmas pudding, panettone or stollen – or cheap wine. But this hamper is always welcome, and reaches home-run status when gifted to anyone who once called London home. Gourmet delights like chocolate & macadamia biscuits and famed Fortnum & Mason teas jostle in a wicker picnic basket that is the perfect addition to anyone’s home decor. Oh, and in summary, three words: salted caramel biscuits.



For the person you don’t really know, or maybe actually hate: Claus Porto Mini Soaps Gift Box

Yeah, it happens. Your boss. The co-worker who ate your sandwich. That dude in your group of friends who’s actually just your friend’s friend. To someone you don’t know well, fancy soaps are generic, but at the very least useful. And in their own special and subtle way, these luxury cleansing bars also say to someone you just don’t like: “I put zero thought into this gift. Now, clean yourself, you dirty whore.”



For the Crossfitter: Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE jump rope

Because it takes a special breed of fitness fanatic to want to own not only a jump rope, but a jump rope that syncs with your phone to tell you just how many hops you’ve done in a given session.


For the hippie/hipster: Vitajuwel VIA water bottle

If your friend is the kind of person who hates Hong Kong’s appalling facilities for recycling, loves healing crystals and believes the body is a temple, then this is the perfect gift: Vitajuwel water bottles put an end to buying bottled Evians, so anyone can hydrate on the go with the added benefits of various crystal infusions. Gems like emerald with clear quartz offer vitality, while carnelian and halite salt bring passion.



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