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Sulwhasoo: Ginseng Greatness

The brand’s Renewing Creamy Mask features the innovative Double Wrapping Sheet

Sulwhasoo, the South Korean brand that “upholds the beauty of harmony and balance with Asian philosophy and wisdom”, introduces the Concentrated Ginseng collection, comprising the Renewing Cream EX, Renewing Eye Cream and Renewing Creamy Mask.

Highlight of the skincare line up is the Renewing Creamy Mask. It is an anti-aging creamy sheet mask that intensively works on the skin by its innovative Double Wrapping Sheet.

Capitalising on the brand’s technologies, the creamy mask brings innovation to every aspect of a facial mask, encompassing ingredients, mask sheets and formula. It features the innovative Double Wrapping Sheet, delivering powerful ginseng energy with creamy texture. The wrapping sheet is structured with two different layers; the inner layer takes care of the skin with a comfortable fit, while the outer layer embraces the skin tightly, allowing the formula to penetrate into the skin effectively and making it look firm and radiant.

The dual structures makes it easy and mess-free to apply by keeping the formula from getting on the fingers. Soaked in the creamy, rich-textured formula, the mask moisturises the skin with a refreshing finish. The mask is an intensive skincare solution, containing an eight times greater ginseng energy than its counterpart, the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX.

Containing 5 sheets, a single use of the mask leaves the skin in better conditions with greater resilience, translucency and radiance.

The collection also delivers its 50 years of ginseng heritage with the Renewing Cream EX; the ginseng-based anti-aging cream revitalises the skin with Compound K, a precious anti-aging ingredient found in ginseng roots. Another important of the line-up is the Renewing Eye Cream; harnessing the red ginseng, its formula is designed to firm up the sensitive skin around the eyes. Furthermore, the eye cream also offers a rich and elastic texture that smoothly rolls and effortlessly absorbs into the skin.


This sponsored article is brought to you by Sulwhasoo. 

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