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#MATTITUDE: Yazbukey x Shu Uemura Collection

The collaboration has produced the latest Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte collection with a #mattitude campaign!

Exciting news for lipstick lovers! Shu Uemura has collaborated with Yazbukey, a Paris-based Jewellery  designer who is the queen of iconic, bold, and edgy lip motifs: “c’est ahh lips”! The collaboration has produced the latest Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte collection with a #mattitude campaign!

First launched in 2010, the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte has gained popularity among lipstick lovers for its beautiful finish, vibrant color pay-off, non-sticky feel, and that melting texture that feels comfortable on your lips.


For the collaboration, Uchiide as Shu Uemura’s International Artistic Director, worked together not only on the concept but the colour palette too. Together, Uchiide and Yazbukey created an expansive shade range for the collection.

Adding nine new shades, a total of 16 shades, will be accessorized with a special playful lip motif on the packaging designed by Yazbukey in four colour ranges: Sexy Red, Lovely Nude, Quirky Pink, and Edgy Berry to express four different attitudes (from bold to natural). In total, you will be exploring 32 shades in a wide range of matte colour variations!


Today’s trend of metallic shades are not only found lipsticks, it is also available in lip liners. Place the liners in the cupid’s bow, upper, or lower lips if you are feeling more playful. The metallic shades will enhance your glow factor for the over-all look. For 2018’s lip innovation, Shu Uemura created the Magic Metallic Lip Liner.  It is available in Gold (WOW), Bronze (OHH), Pink (YEAH), and Gun Metal (BANG).

Left to right: Gold WOW, Bronze OHH, Pink YEAH, and Gun Metal BANG.


Before you shop, let’s explore the characteristics of the new Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte’s main four palette with the guide of Uchiide.

Sexy Red

A timeless woman of glamour! Red is the ultimate symbol of glamour and the attitude will vary depending on the shade of red. This Yaz Red works best when highlighted with the timeless gold liner, Wow, on the cupid’s bow.

How to apply:

  1. Place liner softly on the cupid’s bow with delicate dab.
  2. The line should not be too far from your lip’s edge.

Quirky Pink

Trendy and daring. Rose Flows contrasted with the bronze, Ohh, will give a beautiful unexpected combination.

How to apply:

  1. Apply liner on the outer edges of the lips from the outside to the inside.
  2. The line should become thinner towards the inside.

Lovely Nude

The nude beige matches evenly when blended with pop pink’s Yeah natural. It gives a feminine feel.

How to apply:

  1. Apply liner on the edge of your upper lips from inside to outside
  2. Apply liner on the side of your lower lips from outside to inside, the line should be applied in thin, delicate strokes.

Edgy Berry

When it comes to the berry shades, it is ideal to pair it with the striking silver of gun metal’s Bang.

How to apply:

  1. Apply liner downwards on the bottom lip using the brush tip.
  2. The line could be straight and wider as it gets to the bottom of the lips.


Yazbukey is known for bold accessories with playful pop references and for her trailblazing use of plexiglass. She is noted as the queen of plexi and she has elevated the art form to the level of fine jewellery by focusing on technique and craftsmanship. This innovative use allows many of her vivid pieces to have a trompe l’oeil effect, creating surrealist clutches and wearable art.



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