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Absolue L’Extrait: The First Rechargeable Cream Offered by Lancôme

The first refill cream from Lancôme!

Lancôme has released the first rechargeable cream to make its commitment to beauty with a conscience, a sustainable and respectful beauty. Enter the Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Elixir Refill!


Since its creation in 2012 as part of the Absolue L’Extrait range, Ultimate Elixir has gone on to become a Lancôme Skincare icon. Absolue’s intensive formulas are inspired by nature and perfected by science. At the heart of their formulation lie concentrated native cells of the Lancôme Rose, the exclusive hallmark of Lancôme, which is an exceptional active ingredient in Absolue L’Extrait. Harvested from deep within the flower by means of an exclusive biotechnological process called Fermogenesis™, these native cells help exceptional skin regeneration.

Ultimate Elixir is a masterpiece of cutting-edge technology. Yet for all its scientific prowess, it is also a jewel of precious sensoriality – offering women the ultimate delicate texture, elegant in its application, nourishing in its finish. Absolue L’Extrait’s signature fragrance remains invisible and enchanting, transporting us to a rose garden at dusk, to that time of day when the roses have drunk up all the sunlight to release it as an enchanting scent, creating an extraordinary, unforgettable skincare ritual, which awakens all of the senses.



The Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Elixir Refill is the culmination of an ambitious process. Two years of research and development with the very best designers were needed to develop an ecologically, elegantly designed cupule – a taste of the luxury skincare design of the future.

With a decorative rosette motif, an unmistakable reference to the majesty of the Lancôme Rose, the capsule is a true gem of French craftsmanship, splendid yet pared-back and contemporary.

It clips into the exquisite Ultimate Elixir jar, now with a more ecologically sustainable design and still an extremely desirable object. The volume of its box has been reduced by 30% and the weight of the glass reduced by 39%, cutting the materials used by a total of 59%. The capsule contains the same potent formula with the same concentration of active rose ingredients, with their full regenerative powers.

With its new refill, Ultimate Elixir is setting the standard for new, more responsible luxury skincare. Now, women can access the best in skincare without compromising their commitment to choosing beauty products with a conscience.

Women’s skin is regenerated, revitalised and radiant. Right after application, 75% of women say their skin feels revitalized and 88% say it seems more radiant. After 4 weeks, 90% of women noted an overall improvement in their skin’s appearance. Perfected in this way, skin appears renewed.



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