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5 Beauty Perfections for Valentine

…before you leave the door!


Valentine’s day may be in February 14, but your skin needs more prep time before your date night. From skincare to make-up, here are Valentine’s day prep must-haves that will make you feel confident more than ever.


You can’t have a great look without having great skin texture. For this, you’ll need to have a great skincare regimen, at least a week before an event to make things more perfect. Shiseido just launched new skincare line called WASO. Based on the Washoku philosophy, each skincare is enriched with natural ingredients that has the extracts of food, like honey, carrot, loquat leaves, tofu, and white mushroom. Dermatologically tested, all new seven skincare products help your skin look tighter and feel cleaner.


When you hear “dramatic”, it unnecessarily means heavy smokey eyes or anything too dark. Actually, dark brown can deliver great effects for your eyes, no matter what shape of eyes you have. Take cues from make-up guru, Lisa Eldridge’s recommendation for this. Lancôme is having her to design the brand’s first multi-pan eyeshadow palette, which has 16 beautiful shades inspired by the romantic vibe of Paris.

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Start from the lighter camel hues as your base and then apply the darker hues at the middle part of your eyelids. Finish it off with a winged eyeliner.


Remember to do your nails. Beautifully coated fingernails can make you feel sexier, more empowered. Which better brand to represent such character than YSL Beauty? Either blue or coral, your nails will make everyone remember you, totally in a good way.


Pucker up! Great lips leave a lasting impression. Use the most versatile lip shade, and something that gives the most long-lasting effect. Dior Addict Lip Glow is our top pick. We love its matte glow finish and 24-hour hydrating ingredient.


As a woman, your hair will be determining your whole look. Whether you like it or not, a bad hair day is not only uneasy to see, but not easy to have either. This is when a hair mist does the trick. We recommend Diptyque’s Eau Rose. With an elegant smell of camelia oil and rose, it’s heaven in a bottle! Its smell will stay in your memory longer than any other.

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