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Nezi Windy: Ode to Simplicity

For the tomboyish Nezi Windy, Dior provides a solution to looks that are simple yet polished.

Nezi Windy

Nezi Windy lights up the room wherever she goes to. Her cheery and sociable personality shows within moments of meeting. Many of her candid remarks draw laughter from her friends, making her very approachable and this pretty much explains why she is indeed a social butterfly.

"I am very happy to be able to join this shoot," she says. "especially since I can do it together with my best friends for Dior, a brand that I have always loved for so long. I am thrilled to share such a special moment and experience with all of them."

For those who know Nezi, it is no secret that she is something of a tomboy. From the way she dresses up daily, it is clear that she goes for simple getup. Yet, she manages to stay polished and fashionable every day. "Personally, Dior is chic yet elegant and simple. The design is not too intricate, allowing me to wear it for any occasion. I can look good on it when attending formal parties and events, but I can also wear it on a daily basis. They make even evening dresses easy to wear, gorgeous yet very chic with its flowing silhouettes."

Nezi wears a lot of Dior basics - vests, cardigans, shirts and sweaters. For her, it is the perfect compromise of laid-back and polished. She has been a fan of the house since 2012, when Raf Simons joined as Creative Director. "I began wearing a lot of Dior ever since Raf started designing," she says. "I love his creations, but even after he leaves, Dior is still one of my go-to because the house always keeps to its simplicity." Her personal experience with Dior took place during Angel Susinto's wedding. "I got to be one the bridesmaids, and Raf even flew in to celebrate the big day." 

Dior ladies

Agnes with fellow Dior lovers - Angel Susinto, Nezi Windy, Belinda Tjajadi and Junita Mogi

Nezi, who studied Business Law at Universitas Pelita Harapan, is currently busy preparing for her own wedding. She got engaged in February, and the big day will take place in November. The bride-to-be has experiences handling weddings through her company The Luxe. Having gone through numerous grand weddings, she opts for a simple affair for her own.

"I love small parties. I think to get the real meaning of a celebration, it has to be intimate and celebrated with close friends. There is nothing wrong with big weddings, but for myself, I love the small ones because I treasure simplicity."

Nezi has handled many weddings, alongside her twin sister Neza, who is also her business partner. With two other friends, they help "make couples' big days as stress-free as possible". The Luxe, which was founded in 2013, "brings such joys to us. We believe every girl has her dream weddings, and we'd like to help her make it come true. Working on weddings always brings out the little girl in me," confesses Nezi.

Cementing their love for style, Nezi and Neza joined forces with three other friends to start House of Twins (HOT), a ready-to-wear line that Nezi designs herself. "This clothing line is a mirror of our personal styles - a little girly, a little androgynous, but very wearable at the same time."

"Beyond profits, we have HOT Cares, a charity programme that is done at least once a year. We visited orphanages around Jakarta to give out goodie bags, food, and spend time with the kids." The latest visit was in December, when they visited Panti Asuhan Kasih Mandiri Bersinar in South Jakarta. "I have been doing this with my high school friends for a while, but now that we have this business, we decided to distribute some of the proceeds to those in need."


Fashion Direction Peter Zewet

Photography Indra Leonardi

Styling Koko Namara

Makeup Sisy & Thea Christine

Hair Inaro Ahmad & Imam Turmudzi

Fashion Intern Melisa Kohar