Tipa Nawawattanasub

Tipa Nawawattanasub


Tipa is the second generation of YLG executives, and was listed by Forbes Asia as one of the most powerful women in Asia. As head of YLG Bullion & Futures and with top roles in other YLG companies, she has an obvious passion for business. In 2015, YLG’s retail company was recently launched, with plans for a total of three branches by the end of the year. With regular appearances on TV to talk about the gold market, “Mol” has become the face of YLG as well, seen as an authority on the industry.

Once media shy, she explains her role in the spotlight: “When we started this business, I felt that if [appearances] were something that we had to do for business, then we just had to do it. The other thing is, if I have a chance to tell people and give them an education on gold investment, then why not,” she told Prestige during a recent interview.


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