Jonathan Yang

When restaurateur Jonathan Yang first set up burrito bar Muchachos along Keong Saik Road in 2013, he never expected it would chalk up a profit in eight months and reach $1 million in annual revenue just seven months later. After all, his main intention of opening the business was simply to satisfy his craving for burritos — something he found lacking in Singapore’s limited Mexican food scene. “As cliché as this may sound, Muchachos was never conceived with profit as a primary motive. More than anything else, it was a passion project,” says Yang.

He tasted sweet success again a year later, when he started salad joint The Daily Cut at Raffles Place and it broke even within four months. The establishment opened its second outlet at One-North in May and recently launched a lunchtime delivery service in the CBD area. While Yang has some new restaurant concepts “swimming around in [his] head”, he’s in no hurry to embark on his next business and is currently occupied with building up his existing projects to greater heights.