Tzu Nyen Ho

Ho recently bagged the grand prize at the third Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize for his video installation Pythagoras. His 42-minute short film Earth is also on display at travelling art showcase Singapore: Inside Out, which makes its way to New York City later this month.

What do you enjoy most about your craft?

“For me, making art is a kind of excuse to embark on adventures that don’t have pre-determined outcomes.”

What was the proudest moment in your career?

“I always feel something close to pride whenever someone I’ve worked with on a project tells me that they have gained something from the process…I don’t think of myself as being a champion of any kind; I’m just glad to have my works shown and to have the opportunity to continue working.”   

What’s next?

Later this month, Ho will present 2 or 3 Tigers, a “motion capture and digital effects” project, at the opening of the Asian Cultural Complex in Gwangju, South Korea. He will also showcase a new video work titled No Man at the Singapore Art Museum.