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Showdown: editors pick Hong Kong’s best burgers

In honour of International Hamburger Day, we take the office beef online, selecting our favourite spots to indulge in a little burger action

There’s no end to the debate between our editors over Hong Kong’s best burger. Perhaps we’ll never have a definitive answer. But in honour of International Hamburger Day tomorrow, we asked five in-office food fanatics to divulge their favourite choices for some between-the-bun action – you may be surprised by some of the answers.

The Multiple-choice option

The Wagyu burger at the Wagyu Lounge, is by far the best burger I have tasted in Hong Kong. I took my friends there when they visited Hong Kong, and all agreed that the burger was the bomb! It’s so flavourful, mouth-watering, lip-smacking good. You’re given a choice of cheddar, swiss or blue cheese, topped with any of two choices from mushrooms, beetroot, egg, guacamole, pickles, jalapeños and bacon. Me being greedy I went for four toppings (mushroom, beetroot, egg and guacamole). It was worth paying the extra. I’m drooling while writing this, think today’s lunch has been planned out for me.

– Dennis Lai, Creative Director

The Crowd-pleaser

With its selection of beef, pork, chicken or veggie burgers, there’s something for everyone at Beef & Liberty. My favourite is the Bacon Cheeseburger, which is made with grass-fed beef from Tasmania’s Cape Grim region and comes topped with bacon jam, raclette cheese and a delicious homemade BBQ sauce. It’s perfect with a side of sweet potato fries.

– Oliver Giles, Assistant Editor


The Heart Attack

When it comes to beef, The Butchers Club Burgers’ dry-aged meat is beyond compare, and the Double Happiness on the not-so-secret secret menu gives you double patties and double cheese – and instead of two buns you get two grilled-cheese sandwiches. It falls somewhere on the spectrum between disgusting and delicious, so share it with a friend or opt for the marginally healther Wu Tang instead (with patties doused in sriracha then topped with cheese, kimchi, kewpie mayo and tempura sweet potato for crunch).

– Christina Ko, Editorial Director

The Bird-brained

Chicken burgers are usually my thing at fast food joints and my favourite one has to be the Chicken Supreme burger at Triple O’s. Consisting of grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and Triple O’s delicious honey mustard mayo sauce.

– Sheena Khemaney, Associate Fashion Editor

The Boho Burger

There are many contenders to the best burger I’ve had this year: the Wagyu beef burger at the lobby of The Peninsula Hong Kong, the reasonably priced Eric Kayser beef bonanza, the jerk-chicken version at Rummin’ Tings… but on a holy Hindu day (Shiva festival), I found the Hippie Burger at The Diner, recommended, but naturally, by a yoga-instructor friend of mine. This burger boasts beetroot pâté, caramelised onions, mushroom and a generous dollop of their signature sauce. Divine.

– P. Ramakrishnan, Society Editor