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First Look: Fang Fang

A relaxed and stylish addition to the LKF restaurant-scape presents a menu by a Hakkasan veteran. We take a seat.

The opening of Fang Fang, a new restaurant in LKF Tower, helmed by a senior chef from Hakkasan restaurant group (the 11 modern Chinese restaurants that grew from Hong Kong-born restaurateur Alan Yau’s flagship jewel in London), is exciting news for the city’s diners. Head Chef Kent Lee, with eight years of experience at Hakkasan, brings an understanding of sharp flavours and international presentation to a menu that includes Asian dishes – some reflecting ideas from time spent working in London, Miami and Mumbai.

The first thing the visitor notices, though, in the easy-on-the-eye lounge-like and essentially open space, is the buzz of the cocktail counter bar at the entrance. Grab the list and there’s plenty to intrigue. Various concoctions incorporate seaweed, Korean soju, squid ink and Chinese almond milk in their mixes. Recommended: the Komorebi – it blends gin, Chartreuse, lemon juice, coriander, fennel, chickpea and almond milk. The result is a refreshing cocktail with a decent kick of gin, a silky body and sweetness in the finish.

Stars of the unclothed pale-wood copper-edged dining tables are the US-style avocado-laced sushi plates; moreish deep-fried soft shell crab with almond and dry chilli; Fang Fang-style paneer, which transforms the Indian cheese into fried beancurd-like sweetened crispy cubes; very tender slow-cooked jasmine-tea-smoked pork ribs; the succulent grilled forest-honey-glazed Chilean sea bass; and the flavourful house Peking duck.

Ingredients and cooking on our visit were to a high standard. Prices are reasonable and the service here’s particularly friendly. Seems a winning combo.