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For the third year running, Prestige Hong Kong quizzes hungry chefs, editors and other professional eaters on the best food they ate in 2015

#FOODPORN is reaching alarming new heights. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a dish is consumed and you are unable to photograph and share it, did you really even eat it? And if the image only garners but a few likes, did it really taste good?

When we started this list three years ago, it was a means of unveiling the secret culinary finds of hardcore foodies. Today, many of the dishes you read about here have already been shared on Instagram or Facebook – some of them may even have found fame in that way.

In an economy of over-sharing, where pictures are posted online sometimes long before the subject is even consumed, this list – to us, at least, and we hope for you readers as well – distils the wide world of food pornography into a catalogue of just 100 supreme eats. That may still seem like a big number … until you compare it with the 72,614,366 #foodporn posts on Instagram. So get reading – and eating.

Bon Appetit!

1. Either my homemade spaghetti carbonara with cognac, or, for a restaurant dish, the beef tartare with ants at Noma. – Christophe Adam, founder, l’Éclair de Génie

2. On the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City, a 70-year-old woman cooked the tastiest beef pho. She’s been cooking pho for more than 40 years. – Bjoern Alexander, chef, Twenty Six byLiberty

3. L’assiette de légume de Joel Thiebault at the restaurant Le 6 New York in Paris, with different varieties of vegetable. Simple but so good. – Mutaro Balde, executive chef, Bibo

4. The slow-cooked pork-belly dish created by a chef from the Japanese restaurant Wyckis in Milan. The taste was a large tour around the world, and I still can’t understand how it was possible to transform pork belly into something so elegant. – Enrico Bartolini,chef, Sepa

5. A meal on the northern Natal coast of South Africa with my brother and his family, eating wood-fire-roasted kingklip fish, just-caught mussels and a crab soup so rich and full of sweetness it made me want to weep. – Jason Black, managing director, Empire Media

6. I had an amazing meal on an iceberg near the North Pole. It was 3am and we sat on the surface of the ice having a mix of grilled barbecue meat. – Roland Boutin, co-founder, BruneBlonde

7. With my love for seafood, it has to be the scallop ceviche avocado at Fofo by El Willy, paired with their Agave Sour, with the acidity from the drink echoing the freshness of the scallops. Delicious. – Glen Brasington, vice-president of marketing, Bar Stars

8. At Chef José Avillez’s Belcanto in Lisbon, I especially liked the dish Vigia, o Fundo do Meu Mar, meaning “view the bottom of my ocean”. Freshly caught seafood presented on a gold-rimmed glass late atop a sea-floor design, like a view from a porthole. I was so impressed with its pure, clean taste as well. – Dominique Bugnand, director of culinary operations and F&B, Mandarin Oriental Macau

9. I was in Oh! Calcutta Restaurant in Kolkata, India, and had a dish called bekti masala (fish). The fish was in a thick tomato onion sauce, which gave it a very tasty and sour flavour, while the fish was very nice and fresh. – Tarun Chakravarty, chef, Chaky’s Public House

10. Chachawan’s grilled pork neck dish. The crispy Thai banana pancake and fresh young coconut ice-cream with toasted peanut and sweet corn were also to die for.– Alison Chan El Azar, socialite

11. The vegetable-hearts salad with seafood by Martin Berasategui in San Sebastián – a plate of healthy organic greens and fresh seafood beautifully paired with edible floral decorations. – Alvina Chan, founder,Alvina Cooking

12. A very small hidden yakiniku shop in Osaka called Jin, with the best Wagyu beef I’ve had in my life. – Hudson Chang, owner, URA Japanese Delicacy

13. There are too many! I’m a Taurus and I love eating. At Ivy in ifc, I love the French green beans with foie gras, warm prawns with olive oil and spring chicken herbes de Provence. And I must have dessert, either the crème brûlée or soufflé, or both. – Francis Cheng, CEO, Occasions

14. Kuroge Wagyu Momoniku rice at Jimbocho Den, Tokyo. The thigh part of the animal is perfectly cooked on a bed of dashi-steamed rice, with touch of fresh wasabi. – Vicky Cheng, chef/parter, VEA

15. At a Van Cleef & Arpels dinner at The Peninsula Hong Kong cooked by chef Hélène Darroze, inspired by the maison’s Seven Seas collection, my favourite was Ode to the Atlantic. It was a pavé of sea bream roasted on its scales with clams and pink garlic. – Peter Cheung, CEO, Peter Cheung Asia

16. Clinton Street Bakery in New York City’s blueberry pancakes with maple-syrup butter and southern biscuits are totally worth waking up early for. While waiting, go to Katz’s Deli for an award-inning pastrami sandwich. – May Chow, chefowner,Little Bao

17. A Baywater sweet oyster,freshly shucked, with no accoutrements. Perfectly balanced, creamy and briny, just as nature made it. – Victoria Chow, founder and managing director, The Woods

18. Tuna-shoulder sushi I had in Japan – it’s not as fatty as toro but melts in your mouth. – Carol Chu, communications and public relations manager, Parfums Christian Dior Hong Kong

19. David Kinch, the chef of Manresa in California, is a friend of mine and he prepared for me a dish similar to bouillabaisse. The people who left Italy and live in San Francisco make this soup called cioppino, and it was really, really, really good. – Mauro Colagreco, chef and owner, Mirazur

20. Som tum pla rah – green papaya salad with fermented crab – in a tucked-away night market in Bangkok. – Patrick Dang, chef-owner, Saam
21. At this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Chang Mai that specialised in grilled chicken, the chicken was perfectly grilled and seasoned, tender and moist. The tamarind sauce that came with it was spicy, tangy and sweet, but yet so fresh. We washed down the chicken with some sticky rice, green mango salads and cold beers. – Que Vinh Dang, chef-owner, Quest

22. Penne alla sorrentina from Al Moro in Rome. – Arthur de Villepin, owner, Tartine

23. Earlier this year, I finally experienced Massimo Bottura’s famous Five Ages of Parmigiano at Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. I’d read, heard and published so much about this dish and the restaurant itself that I’d prepared myself for it all to be something of an anti-climax – but this far-from-humble plate of cheese turned out to be the highlight of a magical meal in a wonderful location. – William Drew, group editor, World’s 50 Best Restaurants

24. Roasted veal sweetbreads with a fricassée of wild mushrooms, peas and yellow wine sauce. The sweetbreads were tender,slightly crispy on the side, the mushrooms were so strong in flavour, and the veal was nutty and delicate at the same time. Heaven! – Jeremy Evrard, general manager, On Dining Kitchen & Lounge

25. This year, the best marinated jellyfish I had was in the seaside city of Haikou in China. – Bill Fu, head chef, Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau

26. I never thought buffalo mozzarella was a breakfast item until I had it (with every meal) in Naples, Italy – fresh, creamy and full of texture. To avoid disappointment, I haven’t had buffalo mozzarella since. – Joanna Fung , events & marketing manager, Christian Louboutin

27. Raw matcha truffles from my own kitchen! – Cara Grogan, founder, Genie Juicery

28. Paul Pairet’s Lemon & Lemon Tart was disconcertingly presented as a whole lemon complete with its skin and just a stick of sablé biscuit. Once we dug in, a mixture of lemon sorbet, lemon curd, range slices and vanilla Chantilly cream oozed out. Even the skin (soaked in sugar syrup for three days before serving) is delicious. – Oliver Giles, staff writer, Prestige Hong Kong

29. Drôme Provençale is an elegant city famous for its delicious truffle. In the morning we went to pick them – there were so many summer truffles that the smell seemed to linger everywhere. The dogs are trained to dig when very young, and they showed us where the black diamonds are. In 30 minutes we’d collected a small basket. It was euphoric! We seasoned them with olive oil and salt, and ate them with pain de campagne. – Patrick Goubier, chef, La Table de Patrick

30. Daal, chicken tikka and garlic naan bread from Bombay Dreams. – David Gouygou, co-founder, Bruneblonde

31. Sobadokoro Rakuichi is a small husband-and-wife restaurant whose owners live above it in a home hand-built by the husband. I doubt it’s possible to taste better handmade ba noodles anywhere in the world. – Neil Hosie, co-founder, Four Fox Saké

32. Trout at a small restaurant named Mi Rancho in el Calafate, Argentina. It was so fresh and soft and cooked to perfection, with a delicate cream sauce, lightly peppered by the waiter. It was plated beautifully – with two sweet cooked shrimp, deliciously seasoned julienne vegetables, mash – and topped with cilantro and local edible flowers. – Charlotte Hwang,fundraising director, Foodlink Foundation

33. Tacos Leo is a food truck in LA known for the best Al Pastor Tacos. They slice the pork off a trompo and serve it on fresh corn tortillas. – Erik Idos, owner, Chino

34. Chef Christophe Letard’s lemon-grass-poached lobster dasheen risotto at Belle Mont Farm in St Kitts. The fragrant lemon grass married with the delicate sweetness of Caribbean lobster, and the unique twist of using local taro root (dasheen) as a play on risotto, proved truly genius. – Judy Joo, owner, Jinjuu

35. Hainan chicken rice at MO Bar. The chicken slices are so tender and the delicious lemongrass rice and bok choy on the side are cooked to perfection. – Sheena Khemaney ,fashion writer, Prestige Hong Kong

36. We had the best meal at Riff in Valencia,Spain. The food has soul there, the staff are rigorously trained and it’s got a pretty decent-looking chef! – Lumen Kinoshita, socialite

37. I rarely meet a cake I don’t like, but the strawberry watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry in Sydney was worth breaking my New Year’s diet resolution for. – Christina Ko, editorial director, Prestige Hong Kong

38. Churros at Limewood – hand-piped fresh and startlingly crispy, served with homemade coconut ice-cream and saltedcaramel sauce. Or the Shake Shack burger I had in New York, made from the juiciest Angus beef with the fluffiest bun ever. – Stephanie Ko, blogger, Steph’s 852 Diary

39. The crawfish tater tots at The Cajun Kings are a blend of youthful nostalgia and southern comfort. They’re fried then tossed in a tangy, roasted-garlic aioli. In a separate pan, a Cajun mirepoix is sautéed off with crawfish tails and finished with a mozzarella cheddar blend. The two are combined and topped with sriracha. – Adrian Kuo, owner, Racks/co-owner, CRFT-Pit

40. An Easter-egg macaron from the private kitchen of the French consulate general in Tokyo. They decorated it like little chicks – almost too adorable to eat! – Yen Kuok, founder, Guiltless

41. I flew home for my dad’s 70th after not having been back for a few years. On the big day we were greeted by a party table filled with mum’s home-baked treats. Biting into one of her chocolate eclairs tasted not only gluttonously good but made me realise just why favourite recipes should be handed down. I need to get baking! – Elle Kwan, contributing writer, Prestige Hong Kong

42. Pork dumplings with chilli sauce at a very local restaurant in Shanghai. Nothing was fancy but the ingredients were so fresh and the homemade chilli sauce was simply perfect. – Hung Chi Kwong, chef de cuisine, Man Wah

43. Txuletón at Artzak Ortzeok Sociedad Gastrónomica in San Sebastián – Bao La, head chef, Le Garçon Saigon

44. Bread & Roses is my unofficial canteen during my trips to Paris. Their Grande Salade which includes prawns, chicken, grapefruit, avocado and baby tomatoes, is a filling and healthy option in a city where finding a good California-style salad is no easy task. – Vincenzo La Torre, managing editor, Prestige Hong Kong

45. The Baba au Rhum from Pierre Hermé in Paris. The vanilla cream tasted so rich and the dark-rum syrup balanced the flavours perfectly. – Jean-Denis Le Bras, chef de cuisine, Pierre

46. The steamed barbecue-pork bun at Duddell’s. Or a great sandwich au saucisson from Stan Café. – Raphael le Masne de Chermont, executive chairman, Shanghai Tang

47. Scarlet shrimp rice with green asparagus at Noélia e Jerónimo in Algarve, Portugal. Similar to the traditional Portuguese seafood rice, the rice was made using scarlet shrimp stock and summoned up all the freshness of the sea. It was served with great wine, a beach view and a summer breeze. – Andre Lai, head chef, Alma

48. A poularde en vessie, which is a fattened Bresse hen stuffed with black truffle and poached in a pig bladder, prepared by Amber’s Richard Ekkebus and Maxime Gilbert. It’s every bit as decadent as it sounds. Or my second visit to Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten in Tokyo, which only confirmed how crazy good Chef Jiro is. – David Lai, culinary director, Fish School

49. A rare ribeye at Bistecca – so good I went back a couple more times the same month. Think I’ll go back there this weekend. – Dennis Lai, creative director, Prestige Hong Kong
50. The foie gras PB&J sandwich at The Bazaar in the Miami SLS Hotel. Piling all my favourite things into this bite-sized treat created an out-of-this-world experience for my taste buds. – Kelvin Lam, co-founder, FeedMe Guru

51. The kaiseki at Brushstroke in New York City was so good that we had to go back for another meal before we left the city. – Ping Lam, owner, Fu Lu Shou and The Nail Library

52. Sichuan House in M88 building. I have dinner there every now and then when I crave something spicy. – Veronica Lam, executive director, Big Honor Entertainment

53. Tequenos with guava dip I had at my sister’s wedding in Miami. They’re a traditional Venezuelan finger food served at parties – basically a cheese stick rolled in dough and then fried or baked. – Nicolas Lambert, pastry chef, Caprice

54. The Banh Mi at Nguyen Sinh in Hanoi. It’s one of the oldest shops in Hanoi and they’ve been house curing all their meat since day one, practising traditional techniques that you’d recognise from classical French charcuterie. – Vinny Lauria, executive chef and partner, Homegrown Foods

55. A stunning Sichuan-style braised pork belly that I tried during my trip to Yunnan. The meat was really tender and cooked in a homey style. – Man Sing Lee, group Chinese executive chef, Mott 32

56. Japanese chef Ayako Suwa is known for her creative dining experiences, and I attended one of her dinners hosted by Clé de Peau Beauté. The evening brought together sight, sound, smell, touch and, of course, taste, in a presentation that was truly once in a lifetime. – Olivia Lee- Davies, business development consultant, Television Broadcasts

57. The Antonio’s House Salad from Antonio’s in Tagaytay City, the Philippines. Practically everything in it is grown and picked fresh from farms nearby. – Edmon Leong, contributing photographer, Prestige Hong Kong

58. Our meal at The Clove Club in Shoreditch, which included a wild duck and ginger broth served in a wine glass, with 100-year-old Madeira. Divine. – Frank Leung, principal, Via Architecture

59. The Hog Island steamers at Hog Island Oyster Co in San Francisco. This piping- hot bowl of goodness comes with twirly pasta, fennel sausage, butter beans and collard greens, finished with a sprinkle of Meyer lemon cubes. – Caroline Li, socialite

60. I seldom go out to dine, so the best food I had was a simple dish created by myself! A stir- fried minced pork with basil, kaffir lime leaves and XO sauce with waxed apples. – Li Shu-tim, executive Chinese chef, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

61. Isle of Gigha halibut with Atlantic king crab, cauliflower couscous, finger lime and ras el hanout-infused broth, paired with a lovely Pinot Noir (Domaine de la Côte 2011, from the Santa Rita Hills in California, recommended by head sommelier Jan Konetzki)at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road in London, in March this year. It was the Moroccan broth that really did the trick. – Gerrie Lim, contributing wine writer, Prestige Hong Kong

62. A turkey with Japanese chestnut stuffing that my vice president made for a company holiday party. It was delicious and the warm atmosphere with my team made it even more festive. – Jennifer Liu, chairman and founder, Caffe Habitu and The Coffee Academics

63. Homemade smoked ham and mozzarella pizza with black truffles, fresh from the brick oven at Osteria Ristorante Italiano. – Wing Keung Lo, chef de cuisine, Chesa, The Peninsula Hong Kong

64. Steamed fresh flower crab with aged Shaoxing wine at The Chairman. – Amanda Lui, general manager, Prime

65. My mom’s apple tart has always been my favourite since I was a child, and I got to have it with my family when I went back home to Switzerland earlier this year. – Yves Matthey, executive pastry chef, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

66. At Fish School I enjoyed a magnificent roasted sea bream fish head, with light butter and white-wine sauce, perfectly emulsified, with the freshness of fish coming to the fore. It had lovely delicate fish cheeks and fine neck muscle, all accented with olives and fresh herbs. Perfect with the vibrant Domaine Leflaive Meursault sous le Dos d’Âne 2004 – Debra Meiburg MW, director, Meiburg Wine Media

67. A scorched eel with onion and bread sauce and egg yolk, by Tom Aikens. Rich, smoky and perfect with a glass of Pinot Noir. – Pawel Mikusek, mixologist, Lily & Bloom

68. A spicy whole deep-fried fish done Thai- style with green mango and tamarind sauce at a street-food festival in Bali. – I Wayan Mustika, chef de cuisine, TRI

69. Diverxo in Madrid – I never thought a three-Michelin-starred restaurant could be fun, crazy and impossible to understand until the end. The star of the night was its take on a Pad Thai. Bravo. – Manuel Palacio, co- owner, Pirata and The Optimist

70. A staff meal at Ho Lee Fook that I was lucky to crash, made by chef Bao La. I had a deceptively simple platter of North Vietnamese delicacies like quail eggs, chicken livers, fresh herbs and two dipping sauces, and then the most deliciously rich Vietnamese goi cuon (summer rolls) made with lap cheong. I want to have those goi cuon every day of my life. – Mina Park, founder and chef, Sook

71. A home-cooked dish by my friend Jean-Denis Le Bras: a sole, cooked in a cassoulet, covered in truffle sauce. There was more truffle than sole, and it was absolutely delicious! – Charles Pelletier, partner and founder, Serge et Le Phoque

72. Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao with black truffles are amazingly fantastic – I even advised my friend Ferran Adrià have it when he recently came to Hong Kong. I also had the chance to enjoy a fantastic dinner at Da Dong in Beijing with its chef – I remember a giant prawn cooked within sea salt and prepared in front of you. – Philippe Poulachon, founder, Bellota-Bellota

73. The shrimp toast at Son of a Gun in LA. It was simply magnificent. – Ivan Pun, founder, Pun + Projects

74. Steak at The Steak House Winebar + Grill at The InterContinental Hong Kong. As a fallen Hindu, I bought a first-class ticket to purgatory one fine summer night with friends and colleagues, where we had the finest plate of steak in living memory. – P Ramakrishnan, contributing writer, Prestige Hong Kong

75. At L’Arpège in Paris, the vegetable menu is something quite extraordinary, with flavours so intense and unexpected, and presentations that celebrate the true beauty and colour of the product. – Simon Rawlings, creative director, David Collins Studio

76. I’d just helped a friend who has a farm outside Melbourne to recapture an escaped pig. My reward? A slice of his homemade lemon myrtle and wattle-seed cheesecake. Perfect. – Stephen Reels, copy editor, Prestige Hong Kong

77. The onsen egg at Sushi Kuu has definitely been the most surprising dish I had this year, and the most delicious. There was an amazing game of textures with dashi, uni, squid and then a creamy and rich Japanese egg yolk. – Edgard Sanuy, executive chef, Mercedes Me

78. The sea-urchin and caviar mousse at Bibo. – Audrey Savransky, founder, AS29

79. On my last trip to Bali a friend took me to a small restaurant that specialises in ayam betutu – Balinese roast chicken. The chicken is marinated, steamed, then roasted over hot charcoal, creating the perfect amount of smokiness, spice and aromatics. – Joey Sergentakis, executive chef, Mr & Mrs Fox

80. Hands down, Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California! Best food ever. – Claudia Shaw, co-author of Delicious and Too Delicious

81. The breakfast my girlfriend brought me in bed when I was sick, which also happened to be the very first time I tried Vegemite. Not bad! – Christian Talpo, co-owner, Pirata and The Optimist

82. The Military Club in Macau serves the world’s first East/West fusion food, which goes back almost 400 years. This restored Portuguese Officers’ Mess offers heritage dishes such as African chicken, pig’s ear 86. salad and crispy topped duck rice. – Simon Tam MW, head of wine, Christie’s (China)

83. I’m passionate about cooking, but my wife is the boss of our kitchen. She’s extremely talented and has a long list of signature dishes, but her steamed minced pork with salted fish is my all-time favourite. – Frankie Tang, executive chef, Spring Moon, The Peninsula Hong Kong

84. The spicy vodka rigatoni and the meatballs at Carbone. They’re the reasons I go bi-weekly! – Charlie Temple, founder, Topfit

85. During my trip to India I had some delicious street food, specifically chaat and dosas. They were very flavourful and certainly a highlight of my trip. – Laurent Tourondel, chef- owner, BLT Group

86. I returned to my hometown of Granville on the Normandy coast for the first time in three years. We visited Le Ponton, a small restaurant run by a childhood friend right next to the fishing dock. Their giant seafood platter has raw clams and oysters fresh from the sea, as well as shellfish poached in broth, including mussels, langoustine, tourteau crab, sea whelks and “bouquet”, the local nickname for very tiny shrimp. – Marc Toutain, owner, Éclair

87. Dinner at a cooking school in Krabi run by a hilarious teacher. It was monsoon season and we were all gathered in a cosy hut with no walls. As the rain poured down around us, we made our own curry paste from scratch and cooked mango sticky rice using a woven bamboo steamer. I couldn’t believe I cooked something that was so edible. – Payal Uttam, contributing writer, Prestige Hong Kong

88. I travelled one entire week through Japan eating only in all the best three- and two- Michelin-star sushi rest- aurants. Impossible to pick the best one, but collectively definitely the best meals I have had in 2015. – Torsten van Dullemen, general manager, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

89. It started like this: my friend, Jerome Galis, the king of truffles in France, sent me a little box at home with truffles from the South of France. My wife, Magali, put an apron on and after one hour, magic happened! Homemade gnocchi, a light béchamel and fresh rocket topped with sliced truffles, sea salt and ground pepper. A nice wine, and we had found paradise. – Fabrice Vulin, chef de cuisine, Caprice

90. At the beautiful La Bastide St-Antoine in Grasse, run by Jacque Chibois, we opted for the menu senteurs, as we wanted to try as many dishes as we could. Each course was heavenly and impeccably presented, and the courtyard where we sat was so beautiful and romantic it felt as if we were in another world. – Rina Wadhwani, socialite

91. In the cavern-like Ristorante Cantinaza in the Apennine spa town of Castrocaro Terme I achieved pasta perfection: freshly made tagliatelle, each strand lightly but evenly coated with a rich, meaty ragù – and washed down with a robust Sangiovese grown on a nearby hillside. Unpretentious, simple but sublime. – Jon Wall, editor at large, Prestige Hong Kong

92. Fish-head curry off a banana leaf at Sammy’s Curry in Singapore. – Shannon Walsh, manager, Ho Lee Fook

93. I went to Kintan Yakiniku in Tokyo while in Japan for the grand prix this year. The chef served a Wagyu-beef special towards the end of our traditional Korean barbecue set, by far the most succulent and juiciest I’ve had all year. – Dan Wells, racing driver

94. Lobster rolls, fried clams and sweet corn at Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine. The butter-toasted split-top bun with briny, creamy lobster salad … The clams … You can have them with or without bellies. The only way? Bellies. – Michael White, head chef and owner, Altamarea Group

95. At Kyoboshi Nana Chome in Japan there’s a small restaurant with only 12 counter seats that specialises in tempura, which is a simple dish, but it was impeccably done. At one time the restaurant was awarded Michelin stars, but the chef gave them up because he wanted to do his own thing, which shows how serious he is about his craft and nothing else. – Alan Wong, chef- owner, Alan Wong’s Restaurants

96. The chocolate cake from Ce La Vi. – Jeremy Wong, society editor, Prestige Hong Kong

97. Steak at Primal Cut, fried chicken from Yuan is Here, and the mussel, caviar and tomato montadito (tapas) from Quimet & Quimet in Barcelona, Spain. – May Wong, gallery director, Above Second

98. The shrimp and grits at Brenda’s in San Francisco is absolutely divine. I love that it’s served with a tomato salsa on top, which gives a bit of acidity to an otherwise very cheesy dish. – Wendy Wong, owner, Bao Bei

99. The NoMad restaurant by Daniel Humm. If you ever wondered how good a chicken sandwich could be, this is the place to find out. This brunch- only sandwich has foie-gras- injected, slow-cooked chicken with black truffles spread over brioche, and that’s how to make a chicken sandwich to perfection. – Tammy Wu, executive director, Lady M

100. Ryugin’s preparation of bonito with an amazingly flavoured crispy skin that’s cooked in several phases over hay and slow fire in order to achieve a crisp that matches incredibly with the sashimi. – Ivan Yeh, founder, Shoku