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Hong Kong’s Best Junk Food

Don’t just lay around with a bag of Lay’s – these naughty-but-nice options are worth getting out of bed for.

Truffle mac and cheese at Stone Nullah Tavern
Though innocuous at first glance, Homegrown Food chef Vinny Lauria’s mac and cheese will replace all nostalgic cravings for the Kraft variety. Nestled into its namesake lane in Wanchai, Stone Nullah Tavern serves up honest, hearty, modern American cuisine that is in line with the group’s philosophies of no waste, and promoting the local food movement. The mac and cheese is a simple combination of macaroni, cheddar and an organic egg yolk; it can also come with truffle or pickled jalapeno. See if you can stop at one bowl.

The Night Wolf at Oddies Foodies

Hong Kong snacks don’t skimp on the calories – where else in the world would deep-fried, peanut butter-stuffed French toast slathered in butter and syrup be a tea-time snack? Oddies Foodies opened up as a small dessert shop in Wanchai that quickly drew in long lines because of the genius idea to combine egg waffles (it calls them “eggettes”) with delicious gelato in crazy concoctions. The Night Wolf is the most popular – a mix of Italian low-fat soft gelato made from 66% dark chocolate that’s served with buttery crumbles, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownies, chocolate chip eggettes and crunchy flakes. At least the gelato is low-fat…

The Skirt Burger at The Diner

When your burger wears a skirt of grilled cheese, you know you’re in the right place. Inspired by authentic American diners of yore, The Diner features fixings like red stools and booths, American car license plates and traffic lights on the wall, and even the back end of a Cadillac that has been repurposed into seating. Situated on Arbuthnot Road (in dangerously close proximity to Prestige Towers) The Diner offers more than 10 types of burgers alongside typical diner fare like wings, onion rings, sandwiches, and shakes. The Skirt Burger (aptly named for the massive grilled cheese skirt draped over the patty) is made with USDA Angus beef and paired with caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, and a crispy sheet of grilled American cheese in a brioche bun with smoky mayo. Added bonus – The Diner opens at 7.30am in case you want to get an early start. 

Salted Caramel Milkshake at The Grill Room

There are few things more comforting than a really good milkshake, laden with whipped cream and sprinkles or a cherry to top it off. The shakes at Causeway Bay eatery The Grill Room are worth every sip. Order a hipster-approved milkshake served in a mason jar to round off a meal of their juicy barbecued ribs. Their Spooky Shakes (a toasted marshmallow milkshake with adorable faces drawn in chocolate sauce) were so popular last Halloween that The Grill Room whipped up a new range of shakes, with a pile-up of toppings. Our favourite by far is the salted caramel shake, which is topped with caramel sauce, biscuits and whipped cream.

Lennon Fries at Bread & Beast

Enter #BeastMode at Bread & Beast, the Wan Chai sandwich store that serves up artisanal sandwiches with a distinct Hong Kong influence. Bread & Beast started dishing up their creative sandwiches in 2014, and won people over with combinations like the Ngau Lam Wich with 12-hour slow cooked beef brisket, chu hao mayo, spring onion and pickled daikon and Weiner & The Egg, a breakfast sandwich packed with lap cheung scrambled eggs, black pepper aioli, cilantro, and pickled shallots. Their sides include lotus-root or chicken-skin chips, but a meal could be made out of the Lennon Fries, a delicious combination of crispy fries, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, nori, kewpie mayo and a 63-degree egg to top it all off.