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Godiva Presents: A Holiday for Decadent Desserts

Indulge in sweet seasonal treats with the Belgian chocolatier’s limited edition collections.

There’s nothing quite like an indulgent dessert (or two) to celebrate the holidays. And with the festive season fast approaching, some of our favourite sweet treats will once again be making an appearance. Inspired by these beloved holiday desserts, Godiva has unveiled  a new collection of luxury chocolate gift boxes that are filled with the finest Belgian chocolate to ensure that you, and your loved ones, feel deliciously spoilt.

Whether it’s for a friend, family, colleague or a little something to treat yourself, chocolates make the perfect sweet gift for the holidays. Not to mention the limited edition collection boasts new flavours inspired by iconic desserts to embrace the season’s festive spirit. Godiva have been serving luxury holidays gifts for almost a century now and continue to offer the most desirable chocolate gift boxes today.

But Godiva’s master chocolatiers have done it again, creating decadent morsels in the form of ‘mini-cakes’, all enrobed in premium Belgian chocolate, reminiscent of our favourite holiday desserts. The collection includes a range of delicious delicacies such as Pecan Pie Flavoured Dark Chocolate, Mocha Flavoured White Chocolate and Pear Vanilla Flavoured Dark Chocolate. All of which have been moulded into contemporary cake shapes, hinting at the flavours within and offering little ‘slices’ of chocolate dessert.

The Godiva Holiday Collection has also been wrapped in art this season, with packaging created by British designer, Emily Carew Woodard, who is known for her fantastical and fairytale-like imagery. The whimsical packaging features a festive wreath inspired by the English Christmas carol the 12 Days of Christmas, adding the final touch of festive cheer.

Start the celebrations with the exclusive holiday collection now:


Holiday Chocolate Gift Box

This limited edition gift box is the all-pleasing gift of the season and comes in a variety of sizes, depending on how generous or indulgent you’re feeling. The bold red and gold Christmas box also features the festive illustration of a magical wreath.


Holiday Chocolate Luxury Box

The deluxe gift box comes in opulent red embroidered with Christmas decorations including delicate branches, stars and gems. Adding an elegant touch to the season, the sophisticated jewellery box design highlights the exquisite culinary art and premium quality chocolate.


Holiday Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

The intricately designed ornaments also feature on the gorgeous evergreen gift box, which is filled with an assorted array of luscious chocolate truffles created with Christmas in mind.


Holiday Chocolate Bear Gift Box & Holiday Tree Box with Chocolate

There’s nothing quite like sharing the joy of the holidays with the young ones too and both the chocolate bear and tree boxes are bound to please. Wrapped in a gold ribbon, the bear-shaped gift box holds a variety of the limited edition chocolate, as the exquisite Christmas tree box does too.


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