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Champagne Armand de Brignac Releases Blanc de Blancs Magnum

Here are four reasons why you need to get your hands on one now.

Credit: Armand de Brignac Hong Kong Facebook



Luxury Champagne house Armand de Brignac, sometimes referred to as ‘Ace of Spades’ due to its bold logo design, has launched Blanc de Blancs in Magnum, of which less than 1,000 bottles have been created worldwide. The rare Champagne is the latest from its prestige cuvée collection and is pressed from an exclusive selection of chardonnay grapes grown in Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims and Côte de Blancs.

Made by hand through traditional labour-intensive methods by a small staff of eight people, the Champagne is 100% chardonnay and a blend of the finest vintages from 2005, 2006 and 2008. It has also rested for a total of seven years on lees in French Champagne cellars and an additional two years on cork, making it one of the rarest and most remarkable styles from the label.



Aside from the obvious reason why Champagne magnums are great, there is another reason as to why this ‘liquid gold’ in larger bottles is so coveted — taste preservation. The winemakers from Armand de Brignac set aside a small quantity of their Blanc de Blancs to study the development and ageing in magnum and it all comes down to the oxygen-to-Champagne ratio.

A magnum bottle contains 1.5 litres, two times the amount of a regular bottle, but the mouth and cork size remains fairly similar. This equals to a smaller ratio of oxygen to Champagne and although a little oxidation can open up or add complexity, too much can ruin it entirely. A magnum bottle therefore slows down the inevitable, allowing you to enjoy a Champagne that holds its freshness for longer.



Fresh and light, the Blanc de Blancs holds a bright acidity balanced with a creamy, complex and long, lingering finish. The Champagne enjoys youthful floral notes, on top of baked pastry, pineapple, almonds and a dry palate with layers of honey, vanilla and apricot too. An impressive Champagne for any occasion, it also pairs well with freshly shucked oysters or lightly grilled seafood and cheese.



This instantly recognisable Champagne is in its 13th generation and holds over three centuries of experience in the region. A prestigious cuvée, this Champagne is a truly luxury experience having sat at some illustrious dining tables, including Queen Elisabeth II and American rapper Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter) — who acquired Armand de Brignac in 2014.


Finished by hand with French pewter labels, each reflective platinum chrome bottle is housed in a wooden lacquered gift box. This sought-after release is priced atHK$12,800 and will have limited availability from the brand’s exclusive Hong Kong and Macau importer, ADB Asia so you’ll need to be quick.


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