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Celebrity Chef Judy Joo Talks Spice, Champagne and KFC

As Jinjuu celebrates 150 years of Tabasco sauce, we talk to restaurant Chef Patron Judy Juu.

Top 3 favourite Korean dishes to eat – what are they?

  1. Soon Dubu Jjigae: it is my all-time comfort food. I’m a huge fan of tofu, seafood and spice – this hot pot takes encompasses all of that plus a creamy egg that you can crack in at the table.  Plus, it is good for you too!
  2. Korean Fried Chicken: I love Korea’s specific style of fried chicken which is twice fried and therefore, extra crispy. Plus, the sauces elevate the chicken to the next level. I, of course, always go for the spicy one.
  3. Bibimbap: A bowl of bibimbap represents the perfect meal to me – I love vegetables.  You have a wide myriad of veggies, a little bit of protein of your choice, some rice and all mixed together with a spicy gochujang sauce.  Tasty, satisfying and healthy – what more could you ask for?

What’s the secret to hosting the best dinner party?  

Serve a lot of booze! Serve champagne! And, make sure that you invite people that will mix well; it really is all about the company. Serve food that you have made before and are sure crowd pleasers. Don’t test a new recipe with company coming over! Be relaxed too. People have more fun when they can unwind and be casual, and you set the tone.

What one ingredient do you always have in your pantry, and why?

Hot sauces of all kinds. I love spice and spike up whatever I’m eating with some kind of chilli sauce.

We can only order one item from the Jinjuu Hong Kong x Tabasco’s 150th anniversary dinner (on until 21 May). What should we get?  

The Korean Fried chicken with the Tabasco gochujang. Jinjuu’s fried chicken really is quite special.  The crust is made with maztoh meal and vodka to make it extra crispy.  We also use pressure fryers, which seal in all of the juiciness and make the crust extra crispy. The Tabasco gochujang sauce is bright and fiery – very addictive!

Where do you eat when you come to Hong Kong?  

I really like Soho Fama, Mott 32, Sushi Kuu, Ronin, Ho Lee Fuk, Luk Yu Tea House, China Club, and Duddell’s.

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