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Which 3 Wines Can Giando’s Founder Not Live Without?

Restaurateur Gianni Caprioli tells us what he’s drinking and what we should too.

Giando Caprioli is the man behind one of Hong Kong’s favourite Italian eateries, the eponymously named Giando. Tucked away at the top of Star Street in Wan Chai, Giando restaurant is known as the place to head for seriously fresh ingredients and a superb selection of Italian wines.

Chef and sommelier Caprioli as involved with the unique wine selection for Giando (as well as his other Hong Kong restaurants, Giá Trattoria, Fishsteria and as he is with the direction of the kitchen, so who better to speak to than the man himself when it comes to all things grape-related.


Which wines should we be paying more attention to?

I think dessert and rosé wines are the most underrated varieties. Rosé wines can actually be great for food pairings, and I don’t think they get enough love and attention when it comes to accompanying a meal.



Are there any bottles that we should invest in now?

It is definitely worth investing in wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, both made from the Nebbiolo grape variety. Brunello di Montalcino, one of Italy’s most prestigious wines, and Super Tuscans, which are based on a unique Bordeaux-blend, are also worthy investments.

I think it’s important to invest first in single-grape varietals to gain more knowledge of the grape itself, then, after developing a more experienced and educated palate, you can invest in more complex, blended wines. I believe our biggest investment starts with education and knowledge, and investing is no fun if you can’t enjoy the story behind the bottle.


The world is ending. Which three bottles are you drinking?

I would most probably take the wines that brought me the greatest memories – it’s sentimental, I know, but wine is all about beautiful moments and who you share it with.

I’d like to be reminded of my heritage and home if it was all coming to an end, so, my first choice would be the bold Aglianico from Basilicata region in Italy, which is where I am from. This wine is known for its strong, savoury flavours of leather, white pepper, and black fruits.

I would also choose to take a Fattoria Mancini Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir from a very special family friend and winemaker whom I share a close friendship with. Their wine is incredibly well taken care of, with techniques of precision and uttermost care.

As I have so many great memories from the time I spent in Piemonte, Italy – the third bottle I would take with me is a 20-25 year classic Barolo.

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