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Travel and Save The World

Jacada Travel is the name to know in luxury eco-conscious globetrotting.

Here at Prestige Towers, we’ve no sooner come back from a holiday than we’re already dreaming of our next escape. For those who love planning, finding the most off-the-beaten-track experiences and the best boutique hotels is all part of the fun, but what about the folks who just want to point to a map and have the rest taken care of? Cue Jacada Travel.

Since being founded in 2008 by Englishman Alex Malcolm, Jacada Travel has made offering exceptional custom-organised travel its mission. We met Malcolm in The Haven on Wyndham Street where he was introducing Jacada Travel’s Northern European experiences, alongside a special exhibition showcasing award-winning photographer George Turner’s incredible pictures of the Scandinavian region.

We were treated to an exhibition walk-around by Turner himself, who was more than happy to tell us about the ups and downs of capturing each of his shots. The showcase was broken up by season and gave an incredible insight into the natural beauty of the destinations Jacada Travel is able to suggest to its customers – from Scotland to Finland, and Norway to Iceland.

One of our favourite photographs is the stunning spring shot that captures the southern Icelandic waterfall Seljalandsfoss. Asked why he choose this spot at this time of year, Turner was happy to tell us that had he come just a few months later the captured image would have been teeming with tourists, but at the time of year he was shooting the place was practically desolate. Why? “You have the amazing light of spring, and the light pours in and lights the whole waterfall up, but at the same time it’s about minus 5, so all the water hits you and just freezes on your face and on your clothes,” Turner told us, laughing, before giving a nod to his brave friend whose silhouette you can make out in the final image.

George Turner shoots Scotland in winter for his 'In Search of Light'
George Turner shoots Scotland in winter for his ‘In Search of Light’ photography series

Indeed, this desire to experience countries without the tourist hordes that have become synonymous with some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural sites (thanks Instagram) is something that both Turner and Malcolm share, and runs parallel to the travel plans Jacada is primed to offer. As a company, Jacada Travel seeks to elevate its customers’ voyages with local guides who provide travellers with an authentic and genuine experience. Malcolm explained, “Often, if you just go on your own you may end up in a place with lots of people all taking that same photo. But if you go with a guide, they’ll be smart about taking you at a different time of day, or even somewhere less well-known but equally unique.”

Also at the core of Jacada Travel is the concept of responsible travel. Every trip and itinerary is designed with conservation, community and carbon offsetting at its centre. “It’s a people-focused way of combating climate change,” Malcolm shared. “We use community projects only, we carbon offset, and we commit enough to offset not just the travel when you get there but also the flights to get there, even if you don’t buy them with us.” He acknowledged it is a big commitment, but was adamant that for those who want to feel good about the way they travel, it’s a relief to know it’s been dealt with from the start.

The George Turner exhibition In Search of Light is open until December 9 at The Haven on Wyndham Street, and is well worth a visit. And if you’re looking for some travel inspiration, get in touch with one of the super-passionate experts at Jacada Travel who will be happy to help you design your dream holiday.

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