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Tod’s completes first phase of Colosseum restoration

The luxury accessories label is sponsoring the renovation of one of Italy’s most famous landmarks.

Rome has always been a popular tourist destination for its historical and awe-inspiring attractions, and after years of planning, the first phase of the restoration of the Colosseum – the city’s famous Flavian amphitheatre – has finally been completed. This has been achieved with the help of footwear and accessories brand Tod’s, which generously sponsored the repair of a huge surface area of roughly 13,300 square metres on the Colosseum’s northern and southern facades.

To complete this makeover, specialists had to wash and repair any cracks on the building’s surface, re-bond any loose chips or tiles to the facades and mend some of the attraction’s famous arches. To benefit future studies and restorations, all data documented on the site has been digitalized, and over 13,000 photos have already been taken to help archaeologists who may work on any future restoration.

Specialists have been carefully cleaning The Colosseum

Specialists have been carefully cleaning The Colosseum

During the renovation, it was discovered that the position and shape of multiple iron nails in the Colosseum are in fact relics left from an architectural survey in the 19th century, rather than being part of the original structure. A scene depicting Christ at the altar was also uncovered and three plaques dating as far back as 1386 were found on one of the arches. In fact, through careful cleaning, workers have managed to uncover the plaques’ original colours, revealing what appears to be another fresco of Jesus. Other discoveries include details of the monument’s original architectural decoration and a low-relief portrayal of a gladiator, which dates back to the original construction.

The project is far from over, but with the further involvement of Tod’s Group, the Colosseum can move on to its next exciting phase of restoration, which involves repairing its passageways and underground vaults.

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