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Take a Dive. We Dare You.

We ask the pair behind I Am Water – record-breaking freediver Hanli Prinsloo and world-champion swimmer Peter Marshall – to chart our dream dive itinerary.

It was immediately clear that Prinsloo, who set 11 South African Free Diving records in her 10 years competing, has a deep love of the ocean and its inhabitants. Marshall, himself a former world-record backstroker for the US National Team, is now a freediving instructor and photographer known for working on one breath and without artificial light.

Together they have founded I Am Water Ocean Travel and I Am Water Ocean Conservation to engage with and educate freediving enthusiasts and underprivileged communities.

Inspired by their passion for “the blue lifeblood of our beautiful planet,” we asked for their top picks of where and when to go for our next dive trip. The best part? Jacada Travel has it all mapped out.


From January to March – Mozambique

What to expect?  Bottlenose dolphins.

Think unspoiled coastlines, the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean and friendly creatures with fins, all complemented by beautiful white-sand beaches. A true retreat, Mozambique offers an uncomplicated and picturesque experience.


August – Niue, South Pacific

What to expect? Humpback whales, dolphins, seals and manta rays.

There are few places in the world where it is legal to swim with whales, and it’s in these waters that majestic humpback whales come to deliver their young and nurse them to be strong enough to join the yearly migration.


October – Madagascar

What to expect? Whale sharks.

Whale sharks come to feed in the waters between Nosy Be and Grand-Terre during the months of September to November. This is your chance to get up-close and personal with these gentle giants.


November – Baja, Mexico

What to expect? Jackfish, whale sharks and sea lions.

Experience Cabo at its finest and swim amid a vast school of jackfish as they welcome you into their circle, sweeping you into a gentle tornado. You’ll also encounter whale sharks and sea lions as you freedive around this popular peninsula.

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