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Jet-setting with Roy Luwolt

The co-founder of British footwear brand Malone Souliers tells us about his appetite for travel and the spicier things in life.

Travel Essentials
AVIs and chilli powder.

London Loving
London has the ability to embrace and envelop you, or to chew you up and spit you out. It’s a coin toss. I have a number of watering holes in the big smoke that serve as a treasure map of sorts to further indulge in the grind: Umu for a celeb-free bite of Japanese; Dragon Room or Luggage Room are both redefined speakeasies; The Curzon for independent cinema; and Oswald’s for wine fit for the gods.

Journey of a Lifetime
Driving myself through the majority of Colombia over the course of a fortnight, lost in unhindered thoughts of everything back home, everything life. Beyond sights and sounds, it was the liberating exhilaration of being in control while being truly immersed in the sovereignty of such a largely untranslated ecosystem.

Hot Spots
Stay at Amanpulo in the Philippines or the One and Only Palmilla in Mexico, and feast at Hélèna Darroze at The Connaught in London or il Buco in New York.

Style Spotting
Doing what I do for a living, it’s difficult to attribute one city’s style above any other, but I can say it’s often the extremes of society that breathe style in more ways than one — whether it be due to, or regardless of, circumstances.

Weekend Escape
Big Sur, where no one can find me — and if they do, they’d deem me too far [out] to retrieve.

Favourite Destination
I’m shamelessly obsessed with Japan and its entire heritage, wondrously delivered with the simplest finesse, be it behavioural, culinary, artisanal or architectural. That Midas touch is insistent.

Torii gates path at the enterance of Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto, Japan.

Perfect Day
Great work, good food, mountainous battles fought decently and won discreetly, making way for the next and different day.

Packing Pointer
Roll your slim fabrics into tubular form. Let them crease at will. And, as a man, the shoes you travel in are also the ones you exercise in, leaving just one more “respectable” pair to lug overseas. Then, of course, ensure your hot sauce is powder so you can hand-carry it.

Time to Teleport
You’d have to let me be invisible while doing it, as I’d spend it touring our 300-plus stores worldwide just to see our customers teach me how to make a great thing better — incessantly. Never such a thing as completion, not to me. One victory begets another. 

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