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Tory Burch shares details of her new home collection

As Tory Burch debuts her home collection in Hong Kong at her newly opened Lee Gardens boutique, she holds forth on the range and gives some precious advice on entertaining.

Why did you decide to come up with a home collection?

Home decor has always been a passion and I’m constantly asked about vintage pieces in my own home that I’ve picked up on my travels.

What was the main inspiration behind the line?

I love finding interesting pieces, whether in a flea market or an antique fair or bazaar, and our collection is partly inspired by that. But the main inspiration is really my family and items that I remember seeing around the house when I was growing up.

Did you also find inspiration in some of your homes?

My personal collections and flea-market finds often influence our designs. For example, I have collected spongeware for years – my mom, Reva, collects it, too. It’s a beautiful, simple technique of sponging colour on pottery that started in 19th-century England then came over to the United States. It’s most often found in blue and white, my favourite colour combination. I’m thrilled to introduce our own collection. Each piece is decorated by hand, so no two pieces are the same. They’re meant for everyday use but beautiful enough to be displayed on a shelf.

How do your fashion designs influence your home line?

Both reflect my personal aesthetic, including a love of colour and an appreciation of vintage style.

Would you agree that the needlepoint pillows are the key items?

Needlepoint pillows have been part of our home collection from the beginning. They can infuse a living space with colour, texture and even wit. We had some on our porch when I was growing up and now I have them in my home. My parents were avid needlepointers – my father especially loved it and taught me how to needlepoint when I was little. 

Is there an interior designer who always inspired you?

I’ve always admired rooms that David Hicks created – geometric prints and bold colours mixed with pieces from his travels to places like Morocco. As with most great artists, he could extract a wonderful idea from almost anything he looked at. A bedroom he designed inspired the interior of our first boutique. His work also influenced the design of our double-T logo.

What are the key elements for the perfect dinner party?

An interesting mix of people, good food and a great playlist. Lighting is also important – dim lights and candles are essential.

Do you have any rules when it comes to entertaining?

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed – it sets the tone for the party.

Is there a piece you’ve always owned that you still cherish?

A Zippo lighter passed down to me from my father. He should have been a fashion designer – he customised his own suits and cufflinks, and designed jewellery for my mother. He covered his lighter with sentimental charms and I now wear it as a pendant. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.