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Hermès Launches Garden-Inspired Home Collection

Hermès’ latest collection of home furnishings and tableware is an artful disorder of flower motifs and colourful mosaics — and it’s all coming up roses.

If we had a flower for every exquisite piece that Hermès produced, we’d be walking through their wonderful Parisian garden forever — but who are we to complain?

Launched this week during Salone del Mobile Milano, Hermès’ 2018–2019 collection of home furnishings and tableware takes us on a whimsical journey through the Parisian Maison’s most creative and colourful designs. From wallpapers to dinnerware, intricate mosaics and flower motifs weave into one another to form a collection of home furnishings that will invigorate any space they inhabit.

Leading the Maison’s latest home collection is A Walk in the Garden, a playful array of dinnerware that brings the free-spiritedness of nature straight to your table.

Gardens rarely ever grow just how we want them to, oftentimes taking on a life of their own — the same ethos runs through A Walk in the Garden, where flowers, shrubs and mosaics coexist in a carefully studied disorder on a wide range of tableware. Take, for instance, the collection’s selection of dessert plates: Pops of colour that range from Prussian blue to citrus orange dominate each piece, giving each individual item in the collection a personality of its own, while allowing them to coexist as a set in a pleasing, organic harmony.

The collection is also completed with other essential home furnishings. Picking off where A Walk in the Garden left off, Périmètre, a selection of porcelain vases, combines urban and contemporary elements with the rawness of nature.

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No Hermès collection is complete without the brand’s signature fabrics, and in this collection, geometric figures come together in a colourful symphony to create four cashmere tangrams.



Rounding off the collection are an assortment of furniture pieces, also inspired by nature, that range from the Bouchon leather stool, to the bamboo Karumi bench.


How does your garden grow? Well, if it looks anything like the pieces from A Walk in the Garden, we’d say it’s coming up roses.

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