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The Artisanal Movement Presents: Fleur Pavilia redefines artisanal living in Hong Kong

New World’s latest property development is a masterclass in minimal Japanese elegance.

Clubhouse Fleur Pavilion

Not all clubhouses are created equal. Fleur Pavilia, New World’s artisanal new development in the Mount Kai Yuen area of North Point, counts among its amenities a breathtaking clubhouse and garden, which exude a profound sense of Japanese tranquillity and elegance.

Part of the company’s Pavilia Collection, which comes under The Artisanal Movement created by New World Development, Fleur Pavilia is aimed at creating residences filled with collectible-quality homes and decor, and takes inspiration from cultural treasures from around the world. The development comprises 611 apartments in three towers with flat mix ranges from single-bedroom units to four-bedroom units and duplexes ranging from 519 square feet to 3,221 square feet.


Library at clubhouse Fleur Pavilion

Among its most refined and distinguished features are the Fleur Pavilion  clubhouse and exquisite Fleur Island garden, designed by a team led by Yokohama-born furniture designer and chashitsu tea-room interior master Shigeru Uchida, and also involving leading sustainable landscape-design firm Ohtori Consultants Co. Ltd. The clubhouse’s tastefully minimal interior, with extensive use of bamboo and warm wooden surfaces, interfaces seamlessly with the Japanese garden that sits at its centre. As well as introducing plentiful nature light to the clubhouse, the garden Fleur Island is surrounded by a stream whose gentle flow is further transformed into a dancing light display on the wall.


Fleur Pavilia is also notable for its artisanal and specially created furniture pieces, which mark a continuation of Uchida and Cheng’s collaboration on the new Khora furniture collection, unveiled at Milan Design Week 2017.

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