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Artisan House Presents: Art at its Heart

From its arresting facade to its originally commissioned art works, creativity and culture are central to Artisan House.

Artisan House Presents: Art at its Heart

Over the past couple of decades New York City’s Brooklyn district has become the coolest urban hangout in a vibrant, soulful city, with a blend of historic buildings and boutique businesses. In recent years Hong Kong’s Western district has similarly flourished, increasingly playing host to a dynamic creative scene, and helping to breathe new life into an area that also features incredible historic architecture.

When cultural entrepreneur and New World Development Executive Vice-chairman Adrian Cheng came to selecting an architect team to create the facade of the Artisan House, he went straight to a local firm that encapsulates the spirit of Brooklyn design; the award-winning nArchitects. nArchitect’s innovative design infuses Artisan House with an effortless appeal reminiscent of Brooklyn’s easy, inclusive spirit and positions the development as a vital component of the Western area’s creative revitalisation.

Artisan House’s artistic credentials are further cemented by a trio of specially commissioned art works which are located in its impressive clubhouse. Like the development itself, they unify interior and exterior, manmade and natural, and establish deep connections with the history of the district.

Adrian Wong’s mixed-media work Sai Yuen Lane Pet Supply (2016-18) uses the perspective of a fictional family-run pet shop in the road, where Artisan House is located, to explore the way in which local shops connect to the broader community; Samson Young’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux (White-Throated Robin) (2016-18) represents architecture through sound, specifically an immersive urban soundscape drawn from around Sai Yuen Lane; and Wang Shang’s Mons Annularia (2016-17), made from ceramic tiles, echoes both the lattice structure of leaf cells and the architectural forms of Artisan House, drawing attention to the similarities between them.


Sai Yuen Lane Pet Supply 2016 – 2018 | Adrian Wong


Catalogue d’Oiseaux (White-Throated Robin) 2016 – 2018 | Samson Young


Mons Annularia 2016 – 2017 | Wang Shang

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