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Posh Pups: The Dogs of High Society

Adopting pets wasn’t a question of money for Eugene Lai, Rajé Hiranand and Ana R

Rajé Hiranand

We adopted Nala in February 2012 from Hong Kong Dog Rescue. We’ve always had a dog in the family, and they have all been rescues. There are too many dogs in Hong Kong that are abandoned for no reason other than that people get tired of them, and often these dogs are bought from pet shops because of their breed. People who want puppies look to pet shops to find the cutest breeds without realising they are perpetuating a trade that is cruel, allowing puppies to be kept in cages, underfed and that fall prey to illnesses later on in life. Every dog deserves a home, and organisations like Hong Kong Dog Rescue allow you to meet and connect with dogs of all ages – from puppies like our Nala to older dogs who also need forever homes.

When we first saw Nala at Hong Kong Dog Rescue‘s  Adoption Day at Whiskers and Paws, she was called Drizzle. She was tiny but was running around with a group of older dogs, and didn’t care about how many times she got knocked over – she kept getting back up. When we took her home, she was terrified! She sat in my sister Rina’s lap and was whimpering the whole way home – Nala wasn’t too pleased about leaving all her friends at HKDR, but she quickly warmed up to our other two dogs, our schnauzer Bobo and golden retriever Max. Now, Nala is four, and she is considerably larger than she once was! It’s hard to believe she was that tiny when we first took her in. Nala loves the outdoors, especially spying on the neighbours and people watching from the balcony, taking us on calorie-burning walks and has a penchant for appearing whenever she hears the clink of cutlery. She hates selfies, taking baths and the pesky cat that sneaks into our garden every morning.


Eugene Lai and Buddy

Eugene Lai and Buddy

Eugene Lai

My family has always had dogs. I decided to adopt because I don’t agree with the practices of large-scale dog breeding facilities. Private breeders are a lot better, but I’d always suggest to adopt as there are loads of dogs that just need a home. I chose Buddy because he has the cutest limp, was old and I thought no one would want to adopt him. Since I’ve had him, his walking has improved largely because the digital agency I work at, Red Ant, encourages me to bring him to work so he’s rarely if ever alone.


Ana R

My husband has always wanted a dog he can take for walks and runs with him. We went to the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Adoption Day, held at Whiskers and Paws every Sunday. I think we went on four or five Sundays till we meet Lily. Let me tell you I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I witnessed it; my husband and Lily locked eyes and that was it. To be honest Lily is scared of men, so I’m not sure why but the only man she loves is Brad. They have a very special bond that even a wife can be a little jealous at times! Lily has changed our family and made us well rounded. She gets along very well with my two mini schnauzers Gucci and Angel. At age 15, Gucci now acts like a teenager and seems to be reliving her youth . Angel has a buddy that she loves to play with all day.