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Kayla Wong Goes Basic

The daughter of Michael Wong and Janet Ma launches her own fashion brand.

Kayla Wong has been under the spotlight since she was born. When your father is actor Michael Wong and your mother is model Janet Ma, it’s only to be expected. But her reluctance to follow in either of her famed parents’ footsteps is not.

“I have no interest in acting and am not tall enough for the catwalk, so I never flew in that direction,” she says. “I’ve had my run with acting. When I was 13, I did a movie with my dad. It made me realise how challenging the hours are. Growing up watching my mom, I’ve just been more intrigued by the fashion world.” This fascination led her to launch a fair-trade business whereby she designs and sells ready-to-wear clothes.

“I’m most passionate about my newly founded brand, Basics for Basics,” says the 24-year-old. “I’ve always been intrigued by the industry, and I went to fashion school. However, I did want it to have more of a social impact and so I started doing research, and came upon the concept of fair trade and organic clothing.” But her altruistic vision is trained further down the road. “I’d like to become more of a social enterprise,” she says, “and build a community of people who would like to do more good.”