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Harris Chan talks Moiselle and Michael Jackson

The fashion designer tells us about the inspiration behind his latest collection.

We meet fashion designer Harris Chan in the wake of the glamorous party he hosted to celebrate the refurbishment of his Moiselle store in Harbour City, which he spent sandwiched between socialites and stars who were clad in his designs.

All of 28, Chan has already spent years at the helm of family business Moiselle, which now has multiple stores around Asia and a staff of nearly 1,000 worldwide.

Walking between racks of his latest collection, he skims through to find a piece to point out the theme for the season. “This line is based on Michael Jackson’s Neverland [Ranch]. You’ll find the Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and other fun elements.”

And while many bemoan Asian customers’ blind loyalty to Western labels, Chan disagrees. “I don’t agree that people in Hong Kong only like foreign designers and see local fare as a ‘less than’ entity,” Chan says. “Our target customers are those who appreciate the finest things in life. If a brand is able to deliver quality products and excellent design with delicate craftsmanship, which is what Moiselle has been committed to since day one, I believe customers will find what they seek no matter who made it or where it was made.”

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