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Five Minutes with Actor and Model James Wong

He’s the new kid on the Hong Kong block, making waves with an unabashed hunkiness tempered with hints of humour.

Lifestyle instagrammer, actor, sometime model and enthusiastic gym-goer James Wong has appeared in our society pages regularly with an easy smile and a dollop of mischief.

He may be taking his first steps on the precarious path to wider recognition, but he’s aware of its drawbacks. “The rumours about being an actor – the long hours and getting scolded by everyone – are definitely true,” he says. “But once that can be endured I believe the results will be worth it.”

We meet between takes on the shoot for his upcoming TV serial. “I’m currently preparing for a role in a drama about ambulance service trainees,” Wong tells us.

Unlike some of his contemporaries, who follow in the footsteps of their famed parents, Wong is not a progeny of yesteryear celebrities. “No one in my family is in the industry, which makes it difficult and also a blessing,” he says. “[But] they’re very supportive of my decisions.”

As a young hotshot about town, you’d think the ladies would be throwing themselves at him. But Wong shakes his head. “My dating life has always been a struggle,” he says frankly. “At the moment, my goals are all career-focused – I’d love to achieve more roles in drama, or even movies in Hong Kong.”

Any hidden talents? “I can play the ukulele, but only in my room by myself.” Unsure if that’s a euphemism, we roll our eyes. There’s that mischievous grin again.

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