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Cruising with Loui Lim

Dream Cruise magnate Loui Lim gives us a rare glimpse into his passions in business, art and design.

Cruising with Loui Lim

“We just launched a ship, Genting Dream, in November. It can accommodate up to 3,000 guests with 1,200 rooms, so it’s really a floating luxury-destination resort,” says Loui Lim, the distinguished looking young gent who faces the camera with blue-steel ease. His calling card reads “Vice President – Brand Strategy, Marketing & Communications”, of Dream Cruises, a company owned by his family, and where his brothers also work. Hence the aquatic spiel. 

He didn’t just sail into the family business. Lim has had a multifaceted career and education, with an undergrad degree in architecture from the University College of London, before switching to business management for his master’s at Imperial College London. Trace further back and Lim reveals, “I was on an art scholarship in boarding school. So I’m very, very passionate about art and painting.”

Which explains his stint at an interior-design company, two years in oil and gas and two in investment banking – all rich past experiences he’s brought to inform his current role, too. “I was very involved in selecting the art works and the materials and the finishes, just to give it that next level of sophistication for the new cruise lines.  My father thought it was important that I be all-rounded in different subjects. Combined with my architecture background, I feel like that’s really given me the various tools that I need in my current position. Not just in branding, but later on, when I’m ready to take on a larger role in the company.”


Photography: Olivier Yoan

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